Shape Cutouts Give Your Image an Edge

Shape Cutouts Give Your Image an Edge

We know you’ve been thinking out of the box, but now it’s time to get into the box! Or hexagon. Or heart, circle, triangle, starburst, scalloped circle, or star. We’ve got a super fun new feature, Shape Cutouts, that lets you make a photo or graphic cutout with one of eight frame shapes. You can choose a color for the background or make it transparent. Find it in the Frames tab.

PicMonkey's photo cutout frames add a little funk to your images.

How might you use Shape Cutouts?

Brag in style. Use the circle shape to make a cool round frame around that photo of your new fashion creation: the successor to picnic pants. Save it with a transparent background and post it to Facebook. Your craftster friends would die to have this circle crop, and The Biebs will plotz when he sees the pants!

Get the word out. Create a splashy poster for DJ night using several cutout images over a colored background. How? Make the Monkey think they’re overlays. First, save your cutout images with a transparent backgrounds. Then, create a colored canvas with the Design tool. Add the shape cutout images on top of it by clicking the Your Own button atop the menu in the Overlays tab.

Spread the love. You just watched your nephew’s debut in a school play. Use Shape Cutouts’ star shape to frame a photo of his performance. Pick a color for your background (uncheck the Transparent background box first), click Apply and add congratulatory text around the edges. Who’s the favorite auntie?

Give fair warning. People who dig funny stuff keep linking to doll arm earrings in your Etsy shop, but you’re out of stock! Use the burst frame in Shape Cutouts to make an orange “Sold Out!” sticker, and save it with a transparent background to use as your own overlays over product photos (see above). Make another one that reminds folks to sign up for your mailing list.

Shape Cutouts are great communicators that add attitudes from cool to modular to 70s groovy.

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