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Pretty much anything you set out to teach or learn involves imagery unless, say, you’re studying mental ecology and you do all your research inside an isolation tank. If you’re a teacher, a homeschooler, or a student, PicMonkey wants to be your study buddy as you get ready for back to school. Here are some cool projects, using content from our School U theme, to kick start your imagination.

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Journaling projects and teacher-made worksheets


Following a field trip, create a journaling exercise with your photographs and the school-ruled lines overlay in Dashed & Lined. Hand-tune letter formation worksheets using the school-rule overlay and the Pencil Pete or Learning Curve cursive font. If you’re a Montessori teacher, make your own nomenclature cards!

First-day plaques


Oh man, if you’re a parent of little ones in the first few years of school, those first-day-of-school photos are a must-do! Make a sweet plaque for your kid to hold for first-day-of-school photos. Of course, you can use an overlay over a posed photo instead of printing out an actual plaque to hold, but some like the inferred self-identification of a child holding a sign.

Binder inserts and dividers


Students and teachers need three-ring binders like dogs need bones, right? Use PicMonkey to make cool subject dividers for your binder, or inserts for the kind with the clear cover. Don’t forget about your friend Collage; queue up imagery around the subject hand and make a neat, rectilinear layout for it.

Awards and certificates

graphic showing an award certificate using School U overlays

Who couldn’t use a little external validation to stay motivated? Our Awards overlays were created with this use in mind. Grab yourself some fun overlays to drop behind the title; Flourishes and Banners (in the Overlays tab) would be perf!

Classroom chartlets and mini-posters


Save your classroom budget for stuff you can’t make, like erasers and scissors, not classroom decor, signage, and anchor charts!  If you’re making checklist-type charts, check out the check mark boxes we have in Correction Marks.

Tip for getting a plain white background:  Fire up the Editor and place a rectangular Geometric overlay onto any photo, and drag it across the entire surface. Use the color picker to change the color to white. Your images can be placed on top by bringing them in as overlays: click the “Your Own” button at the top of the Overlays menu.  You can also create a plain background by making a one-cell collage without any pictures placed into the cell.  It’s white, by default, so just save it and name it.

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  • doug edge

    Can pimonkey instakk an app fpr cutting and pasting into a picture the way piZap has. it would make your apps much better.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Doug. I think maybe you’d get what you want by opening a photo on top of another photo. Do that by opening the first picture in the Editor. Then click the Overlays tab and then click “Your Own.” You use the eraser to erase out parts that you don’t want.

  • Jill

    Are these made with an 8×10 crop or is there someway to format an 8.5×11 page?