Royale Enters the Scene, All Handsome and Stuff

(Cue movie trailer voice-over guy) In a land where the big corporate players came and left… In a time when people craved something awesome… In a place where no one thought anyone cared enough to innovate again… One photo editor came to embetter the world:

It’s been a great ride since we launched PicMonkey March 9, 2012. We got to see–on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blog posts and all over the Interwebs–the cool stuff you’re doing with your photos. And we released a steady stream of new features: Collage, one stop sharing, Halloween and Winterland themes, the Facebook app, to name a few. And all of this has been free.

Today, we’re launching Royale, the cream puff, top-of-the-line, ads-free membership experience.

Royale is PicMonkey’s monthly membership which gets you ads-free editing and unfettered access to all the crowned features you’ve been seeing throughout PicMonkey. Look for the crown icons on effects in the Editor and Collage, to remind yourself of exactly what’s included. For $4.99 a month, you’ll have exclusive access to:

  • 40% more effects
  • Twice the touch up tools
  • Gobs of Royale fonts
  • 50% more frames, overlays, and textures
  • The ability to add your own overlays and textures
  • Extra layouts in Collage
  • As always, there’ll be more Royale features coming regularly
  • The cherry on top? No Ads. None.

Look for the upgrade button in or upgrade right here. Your subscription will be automatically renewed every month, and you can easily change your password or email, cancel your membership, or update your credit card on your Account page, any time.


Wow, guys, thanks for the huge feedback! Two main themes we’re focusing on: 1. A lot of requests for an annual membership: hear that! We’re working on it, but it may take some time. 2. Some folks think PicMonkey is no longer free. Please inform everyone you know that ONLY the effects marked with a little crown next to their names are Royale and require membership to use. The rest are and always will be free.

screen shot of a Royale feature showing where the crown icon sits.

Want to find out more about Royale? Check out these articles:

Ready to sign up? Click here

  • Rachel

    Will you guys have a prepaid option at a discount? :-)

    • dany wajid

      :( Can i Use royale effect for free ?? :(

  • eliana

    Esto es estupendo te acomodas a tus gustos

    • PicMonkey


  • Rosalie a once of payment…some people dont use it all that often…seems abit hetic to pay for it every month

  • kellsarah

    yes, I would rather pay an annual fee at a discount than monthly

    • leanne

      I agree 100%! There has got to be a better way of doing this. They really didn’t think this through. $60 for the year?! There really needs to be a yearly discount.

  • Shannon @Fox Hollow Cottage

    I was prepared to pay $20 a year for the extras… I’m really surprised at the price.
    Even at $2.99 it would be $35 for a year, still do-able… but $60? Ouch.

    And this is coming from a HUGE PicMonkey lover. Just sharing my initial reaction.

  • Michele

    PLEASE offer a 1 year pre-paid subscription option without payments being deducted monthly. Many people don’t like having funds deducted in a monthly basis. Please offer the pre-paid!!!! That being said, your site is AWESOME! Thanks for a great almost year!

  • Shari Markowitz

    Yes, there needs to be a money saving annual option like with Picnic.? please? :)

    • Toni

      Come on people… PicMonkey rocks and the monthly cost is what I pay for ONE of my daughter’s Starbucks frappaccinos (and she gets the small). Sure, we want more for less, but consider all aspects. I’m so thankful to have editing software that is super easy, fun, and breaks the monotony of my job at times. Nothing like putting a chimpanzee face overlay on a relative to boost the mood. :) Merry Christmas, PicMonkey crew. Thanks for the great product and the laughs!

      • PicMonkey

        Merry Christmas, Toni. Thanks for the positive feedback!

        • Paul Cowie

          Please tell us how an annual subscription can be half of $ 4.99 a month and we might start listening!

          • Oscar Todd

            I am going to the bank in a few minutes to get me a ‘month’. I am so sad and mad at you as you do not seems to follow basic ethics. I agree you can charge anything you want is your product. But I do feel you organized it to this to happen from day one. Gimp I was told. I like the simple steps to detail an image. I hope you decide to keep the most of us in good terms I will pay using ‘paypal’ hopefully but I am making plan B at he same time. I will rather become a full proficient in adobe LR and CS6 and pay the price they stipulate form the beginning and avoid this is so sad. Greed is one of the 7 capital sins….someone, somewhere are watching over you… :)

          • PicMonkey

            Stay tuned for annual subscription details, Paul. It might take a bit for us to work out the kinks, but we hope you’ll be pleased.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Shari. Hope you noticed we now do have an annual option!

  • Kaylee

    I agree with everyone else. I’d love to pay just a basic fee for a year. That’d be great. I use PicMonkey with so many different things. It is an amazing site, which is worth the price, just that times are kind of hectic right now and I can’t afford $60 to an editor.

  • Cat

    Although I love PicMonkey and of course had expected that some features wouldn’t be for free eventually, I really didn’t think it would be that much.

    An annual payment option at a reduced price would be fab!
    Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg? 😀

    • Toni

      Same here! :)

    • PicMonkey

      Hi, Cat. You noticed that we have an annual price, right?

  • RDelean Designs

    Sweet! You won’t hear me complaining. I missed you all SO much during the transition that I’d easily pay double, even TRIPLE this price! I love the Monkey and his hijinks. Keep up the great work! ♥

    • Toni

      Same here! :) Love the monkey!

  • stephanie edwards

    I agree with everyone, some type of prepaid discount would be very nice. I love PicMonkey, but $60 hurts.

    • Emma Wills

      Definitely agree!

      • PicMonkey

        We are listening to everyone’s feedback. Thanks for checking in.

      • Oscar Todd

        Are u really..because 90 % sample says to get a better well planned deal. I like the paypal option…or a way to transfer monthly you marry numbers with the credit card valid somehow but not so much of a choice… I do wonder if your path does follow the right one…paypal..reduce the cost get more accounts…….still crying … :(

  • Kim Vanderpool

    Just upgraded, don’t see the 50% more frames and other stuff..why?

  • ubekeren

    you go wrong with this-it may go dowen

  • Lollie ~ The Fortuitous Housewife

    I love PicMonkey. I use it almost daily for my blog (, but I’m wondering…if I upgrade to royale, will I finally be able to save projects for future editing, like on Ribbet?

  • Jenna

    Bye bye picmonkey!

  • Brandon Hurst

    I have PayPal and I would like to still use Royale Membership, I am a loyal and faithful PicMonkey User and I need the Royale membership to use for my projects that I need to complete. #Urgent

    • PicMonkey

      Hey Brandon. The free trial has been extended for a while on Facebook. You can edit using that (assuming you have a facebook account). Good luck!

    • candido12

      I liked free I’m sad they take picnik away now you charge for picmonkey I quit now I hate this! :(

      • Jenna

        I agree, Candido! :(

  • Jenna

    era mejor gratuito ,bajara la publicidad bye picmonkey

  • PicMonkey

    Thanks for the feedback, y’all. We’re still growing and changing, so we appreciate your input.

  • Negra

    Al arreglar una foto me sale el logo de picmonkey y al apretarlo me sale algo de royale y me obliga a poner mi mail y inscribirme para pagar.. y no quiero pagar y tampoco quiero que salga el logo en mi foto.. que hago?’

  • Anonymous

    Well, this is goodbye Picmonkey. It’s been fun while it lasted.

  • jeremy Barton

    $60!!!!! way to much! was prepared to pay $25 bye bye Pic monkey

  • Emma Wills

    I am a little pissed off with this – I try to upgrade and for some reason, you wont accept my card. It has nothing to do with my browser as I tried IE and chrome. I don’t remember paying this much for Picnik by the way!!!! Not impressed to be honest.

  • Kat

    Agree with all others on a yearly membership vs monthly – and also on the price. Please, please please consider a yearly discounted fee, I would rather explain once a year to my husband what the charge is than having the same discussion every month 😛

  • Britt

    I have loved Picmonkey ,but there is no way I am going to pay $4.99 a month!! That is a crazy price. I think you will lose a ton of people at that price! I paid $25 for a year of picnik and thought that was totally fine,but $60 a year is ridiculous!

  • candido12

    I liked free I’m sad they take picnik away now you charge for picmonkey I quit now I hate this!

  • candido12

    Goodbye Picmonkey see you later after you make all the thing free and you gonna losse some people por doind that!

  • jakisjackass

    $60/year is ridiculous. Picmonkey is comparable to Picnik, but the latter never charged such a high price for its excellent service. I would have caved in for $30/year, but the current rate has turned me off from the site.

  • Natalia

    I would have no problem in paying for this if:
    – This was a yearly fee of no more than 25 USD a year. You could still charge that monthly, for those who want to try it out and dont wanna pay the whole year.
    – You accepted paypal.

    Unless you do that, I’m afraid I’m going somewhere else, or I’ll force myself to improve my photoshopping skills.

    Bye for now.

  • Oren

    $60 a year is insane. I love PicMonkey and would have paid $20 – $30 a year, but this is literally twice what comparable services charge. As some of the previous posters have pointed out, you could have 3 memberships for $60 AND not risk alienating your customers.

  • Stef

    Please make it an annual fee, I don’t have a creditcard myself, so I’d rather ask a family member once a year to make a payment for me and I give him the money back then having to ask him to accept a monthly claim. I’m not quite sure I would be able to pull that off. Also, the amount is way off, I love Picmonkey, but this is really expensive.

  • smallestforest

    Ooh, bad career move! I love Picmonkey, and felt certain that when you turned on the Royale pricing, I’d just sign up, as I did for Picnik, no questions…this fee is a bit steep, though, even for a loyal follower, and I can’t save my work or pull it in from my Flickr account, which is a little inconvenient. Hoping for a yearly fee, anything up to 30 seems reasonable, after all the work you’ve done It’s true that Ribbet’s just PIcnik with a different name, but I don’t like Google, would rather stay with you guys. Please rethink this? :)

    • PicMonkey

      We’re thinking about an annual fee, and do value your feedback. Thanks for chiming in.

      • Oscar Todd

        I keep with a headache. If I could do some saving to repeat in a small set of images if I could save some choices for reuse later over next weeks… if I could use numbers to straight the lines on ext….then..maybe..and only maybe would find the change to be totally valid and worthy So far this looks like a you only win move of a large corporate try and I bet you shall succeed is sad to see how Maquiavelic this turns…… So sad………I’m wiping…..:P

  • Kate

    Ouch. I knew this would happen eventually and was totally prepared to pay, as I did with Picnik. I even followed the link to upgrade until I saw the price. Yowza. I understand fully that you have to pay for good stuff, and you guys are good stuff, but $60 a year is nuts. I can see $4.99 if you want to go month to month (I guess), but I am an AVID picmonkey user, I used the crap out of picnik, and definitely got my money’s worth there, but I could also store my pictures on the site. I love, love, love you guys, but I really can’t afford $60 a year to edit pictures. I wish you would have 1) waited to launch this until you had more payment options [six months at a discounted price, 12 months at a bigger discount, etc], 2) waited until after the holidays. I was right in the midst of a project for my granny, and now I can’t finish unless I pay. Really irritating. 3) At least offered some sort of storage for Royale members.

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  • Cromwell

    Sorry guys. Loved Pickmonkey, but NOT going to pay for something I used to get for free. There are other options on the web. You may get a few suckers to pay for it, but my mother didn’t raise no suckers.

    • Parvati

      Not everyone can afford it dude…esp if they dont use it all the time…ps some country’s have dont have starbucks

    • Parvati

      Dont have sorry

  • Jason H. R.

    Not sure why there is so much complaining here. PicMonkey is a small indie company who make a product we all love. Why can’t we support them for less than the cost of a vente starbucks a month??

    I’d happily pay $100 a year for this service, half to use a product I love and half to support a team of people working hard to make me happy.

    I’m signing up right now and going to buy subscriptions as gifts for my friends for Christmas so they can see what a product done right is.

    • jakisjackass

      The point is Picnik had the exact same features for $25/year. You can buy very nice photo editing programs instead of paying $60/year for picmonkey. $5 a month doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but consider how much of your money you’re paying over the long run for a service you can get cheaper at the same or even better quality from other sources. I don’t understand how they expect to keep members at this rate.

      • Paul Cowie

        I’m not too sure any company gets the point when you say that their product is too expensive. When a decision is made they tend to stick with it, and the people who cannot afford it just become collateral damage.
        I think that those of us who cannot afford it will simply be given the middle finger and life will go on for those who earn dollars.
        Forgive my jaundiced view, but I was one of the people who fought directly with the developer of Aviary, asking for things to change – they don’t.

  • Paul Cowie

    I am seriously pissed off!! I am one of the original PicMonkey users, and have used it daily from DAY ONE – and yet you guys have not had the common decency to warn us that this would happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I use textures (my own) on a daily basis, and I have just tried working with one to find that I have to pay to use it.
    You guys certainly know how to upset people who have stood by you through thick and thin – check the record with regard to me!
    I was paying Picnik $25 a year and that was marginal for me – I am semi retired and do not have the luxury of earning dollars!! Our currency is extremely weak against the dollar, so a simple $ 4.99 a month actually reads as a “simple $ 499 a month” to me – I cannot afford it – end of story.
    Bloody sad that you can string us along for 10 months and then drop this on us, overnight.

    I am NOT impressed.

    • BraddAdams

      PicMonkey DID tell us in advance that eventually they would begin a paid membership…

      • Paul Cowie

        They sure did, but then you are expecting a date – NOT overnight!!

  • Kris

    Sad to see you are charging now. I’m not going to pay for a website I use just every now and then. I will no longer be using picmonkey :(

  • Michele

    I just signed up, I have no problem paying the monthly fee, except I don’t see anything new. Will there be new features for the Royale? Or, are you just taking features away from the Free Users?

    • PicMonkey

      We’ll always be making new features; some will be free and some will be Royale. As we have been doing. All the features that are labeled with a crown are Royale. Stay tuned: new stuff coming down the pike.

  • carlosshow

    Ciao picmonkey,
    con te mi sono divertito e avvicinato per la prima volta al foto editor. Siamo stati benissimo assieme, sei veloce intuitivo e facile da utilizzare ma adesso tu vuoi i miei soldi cosí penso che dobbiamo salutarci.
    Anche io passo a ribbet, non sará bello come te ma é gratis.
    Ciao ancora.

    P.S.: Sorry but I’m not speak english :(

  • Nici

    I, like many others, fully expected to have to pay for features eventually and was prepared to shell out a few bucks for a year membership. But SIXTY DOLLARS?! That is a ridiculous amount to pay. People are better off purchasing their own photo editing software for that price! Also, there should REALLY be an option to purchase via PayPal. I know a lot of people find comfort in the security of PayPal and the convenience of it. I really hope you guys are listening to all this. Seems MANY of your customers are highly disappointed. I don’t expect your site to be completely free, but $60 is just not do-able. Now for a lifetime membership I would maybe consider $60. But we definitely need more options.

  • Oscar Todd

    I am crying. I understand the job and effort to produce this great toy I think you will still make millions on a better rate and ways yo pay you from abroad. I’m crying please..please.. there has to be more thought from you guys…please….. :(

  • Oscar Todd

    Now I do wonder can I buy stocks from your co.???

  • Tiago

    Just paid the 4,99. I am a big fan of the website. Hope it will pay off. 60 dollars a year? Thats a bit too much. I paid for this month and dont see nothing new comparing to yesterday.

  • Kathy

    I really don’t have a problem with paying for the extra features but $60 per year is way too steep, makes it dearer than photoshop elements. I think you need to rethink this.

  • Tiago

    I agree. Its too much. rethink about it please. I paid this month for now.

  • Maggie

    Waaaaaaaaay too much money for what it is. It doesn’t even come close to that other photo editor that closed last year…goodbye I guess.

  • Ellie

    Agree. I love picmonkey and love to send people to your site through my blog, showing how to do some of the effects. $60 is too steep. $25 seems much more reasonable. I truly believe you’ll get many more subscribers at that price. I, too, am disappointed about the lack of notice.

    • Tiago

      20 or 25 would be suficient, if the upgrades keep coming. Either than that this will be my last month using the webpage and many others will follow… at least i dont see any good comments in that direction.

  • val

    I think they get the point…

    • Rosie

      Hey Melissa…mind giving us the name please:)

  • Melissa Mon

    I am so disappointed. used to love your site, now all my favorite effects need the Upgrade. Bye picmonkey.
    Just found another site..FREE

    • Rosie

      Hey Melissa…mind giving us the name please:)

  • Stella Blu

    Yes, I was expecting to pay for PicMonkey eventually, but 60 Dollars a year is a bit much. I also do not like monthly payments. Can there not be a reduced annual fee?

    How about adding a Paypal function to your page. I’m really not comfortable to leave my credit card online. PicMonkey is my favorite editor and I would be sad to see that to end.

  • Oscar Todd

    There is some computer entrepreneur reading all this ready to launch anew site he will sell the system for 20 a year and make thousands…..either that or the team at this place put the thoughts together and make it a win-win situation.. c’mon do money in a fair fashion we’ll support you guys..!!! and add a paypal..not compromising marketing to get nailed each month be honest ..c’mon….

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  • Leigh

    I love PicMonkey but that being said, $5.00/month is a little much isn’t it? With all of the other free photo editors out there, I think you really need to rethink your pricing structure and I agree that a prepaid yearly membership would be preferable. Sad to see corporate greed win this battle, I thought the Monkey was wiser than that :O(

  • Jessica Spiegel (@andiamo)

    Agreed, I would love to have the ability to save stuff for later, too – a la ye olde Picnick.

  • Leny

    As I can see most of the replies are on the same direction (including mine): we do not agree about this price to pay. I was a picnik user and then I came to you and since then I’ve been using it for my blog. I knew this was going to happen and I was up to pay a subscription or membership but at this price??!! never in my life! :-( I think you guys did your numbers wrong, there’s no way people will pay this price… if you re-consider your fee , making it annual and no more than $30 I think you will win a lot of the free users like me.
    Thank you anyway :-)

  • Mary Sullivan

    Hi team – I’ve been a user since you began and must admit I truly enjoy PicMonkey. My photos often change from just OK to amazing because of you, and my blog readers comment on how nice they are. I am prepared to pay for Royale in hopes you will add a lot more for us to utilize – more frames, definitely some vintage type photo edges giving an old sepia/tea- stained, deckle edged look etc., more elegant fonts as I love to add text, and of course special occasion options – Winterland is great. Would have liked the fee to be lower, but realize you probably couldn’t continue offering it all for free. Around $30 would have kept people whom I think will have to leave you – times are rough for many. Don’t like a monthly payment as I will always have to explain to my husband (who pays the bills) when the charge pops up. Please decide to make an annual payment an option, with a bit of a discount would be really nice!
    Thank you.

    • PicMonkey

      We’re working on an annual subscription – hang in there! And thanks for chiming in.

  • Grahame

    Don’t leave your decision to charge a reasonable annual fee to long, otherwise many will have moved on – you know what the internet is like. From a business model perspective you should have had this lined up before going live.

  • Oscar Todd

    From a consumer point if I had the basic model on consumer law in the us this seems designed to crash as it is from day 1 just before holidays..a Good Lawyer on Consumer Law suits…… 😉

    • Oscar Todd

      Amber they work for free to you so you can make money at their expense..sound one sided. You taking advantage that is no way to run a biz imho… the product has it limits does the trick and I am willing to find a deal that works for all not free for me only.. Have I run a biz would buy Adobe tools that match my product……the balance should be to both not to one party imho…regards…O

  • Dawn

    Really upset to see you charging. You left NOTHING usefull for us to use for free. You can’t enhance eye colors, wrinkles, clone. Why even bother. Sorry but $4.99 a month is rediculous !!! You’re going to lose a lot of customers. People used your site because it was free.
    I too used this site to retouch photos for my side photography. I won’t anymore. Should have known you guys would get greedy & start charging. Bummer because I really liked your website.
    Guess I need suggestions from others on another website to use that is easy.

  • dragonflydreams88

    $30 buck a year is reasonable . . . and I would “need” a PayPal method of payment . . . please reconsider . . .

  • Лена

    Я очень расстроена,PicMonkey-это был единственный редактор, который меня устраивал. Не готова платить, т.к. использую его не так часто, и 60$ это неоправданная сумма за такой короткий срок моего пользования.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Beth Buelow

    As an avid PicMonkey user (several times a week), I knew this day was coming. As an entrepreneur who knows that 100% free-for-everything is a flawed business model, I am actually GLAD they are finally charging for their some of their features. Yes, maybe I can buy PS Elements for a one-time $70, but that serves a different function (and has a steeper learning curve). There are smart, hard-working people behind the Monkey, and if we want them to stick around and keep creating awesomeness, we need to have a fair exchange of value.

    I agree with others who say an annual subscription with a discount would be greatly appreciated. I would also expect new Royale features to be added on a fairly regular basis (more filters, fonts, frames, textures, etc).

    It would have been nice to wait until after the holidays to suddenly spring a fee on us :-)… a grace period through January 7, perhaps, would have ruffled fewer feathers.

    The bottom line for me: I’m happy to pay for something that brings me value, saves me time and makes me smile. Is it a stretch to add one more expense to my budget? Yes. And I’m glad to make that stretch when I know it’s worth it!

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks for your eminently sensible feedback, Beth! We are hearing a lot of requests for a discounted annual membership plan, and will need a bit of time to work out the details.

  • Oren

    Some notice would have been nice for people who were in the middle of projects. Right before the holidays is pretty Grinchy, too.

    You should also move Royal features into the second half of each section. It’s annoying to click thru different filters only to find half of them aren’t options. Sneaky way to remind people about what they’re missing, but some users are just going to get pissed off and leave you for good anyway, even if they can use some of the basic feature for free. Because you can get those ANYWHERE.

    Glad you’re listening to feedback, though. You’re losing a lot of potential revenue if you charge such an outrageous amount. The service is good, but it’s not irreplaceable.

  • dimitria

    I have loved Picmonkey ,but there is no way I am going to pay $4.99 a month!! That is a crazy price. I think you will lose a ton of people at that price! please make all effects FREE :(:(

  • Runa

    This has seriously bummed me out. I know that there are still a lot of your feature free, but unfortunately all of the features I use frequently are the not free ones, and to be honest I’m not really willing to pay that much a month just to make the colour in a picture change. Sorry guys, but you lost me.

  • Ashley

    I was in love with Picnic but fell WAY more in love with PicMonkey. I don’t know if I use it enough for $5/month but I definitely want to have the Royale features available when I do. I just played around with Ribbet and was instantly turned off. I just love the way PicMonkey is organized and helps my creativity flow freely. I won’t give up on it just yet, but I agree with the lower annual fee, in a once yearly payment.

    • PicMonkey

      Hear ya, Ashley! Thx for your input.

  • andris

    please made an annual membership plan…at lower discount price!! if i can pay through paypal it will be a great bonus!!!

    • PicMonkey

      We’re working on it! please be patient; may take a bit. Paypal you can do now — see the article in our help center:

      • Mick en Rach

        Hi – thanks for the link to pay via paypal. I have just paid the upgrade – but I still can’t use the Royale features.. Does it take some time to kick in due to using paypal? And if so, will you let me know via email when I can use it? Thanks!

  • Makayla

    Until the royale features are taken off, I’m not using PicMonkey.

  • Christina

    I LOVE this program, i prob will use it on a monthly basis. i’d rather buy the program and have it on my computer though :) anything for safari yet??

    also I’m TRYING to pay for this and the cart is not working its’ been spinning “thinking” for an hour now….

  • Kayla

    NO! This can’t be happening! I am crying right now! All the best features cost money :,( I saw this coming but did it have to be during the holiday season? I realize this is a business and no one will ever see my pathetic plea in the midst of hundreds of comments. I love you PicMonkey!!!!! Best editing program on earth! Farewell old friend :( May we meet again some day.

  • Hannah A.


    I really enjoyed using Picnik, and was incredibly excited to find PicMonkey and have enjoyed using it for a while now.

    However, like many others, I’m frustrated about the price for Royale. I paid less than half of that for a year of Picnik…and I was only able to use that membership for about 6 months.

    I’m ready and willing to pay $25–or even $30 max–for a yearly Royale membership, but I unfortunately cannot afford $60 per year. I’m a high school student and don’t make a large amount of money! :)

    Thank you so much for working on a yearly membership at a reduced price! I hope I’ll be able to wait patiently! :) Also, thank you for providing an alternative to Picnik.

    I look forward to the future of PicMonkey!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Dianne

    Why we must pay? I dont like this! First it was al for free… Please! I need a all free picmonkey!

    • Paul Cowie

      It was always going to be free for a short period – these programs have to be pay sites eventually.

      Just a pity that PM has seen fit to charge over double what Picnik was charging!

  • Vanja

    haos :*

  • DaDou

    I’m so mad and sad for that !
    really I need a all free picmonkey .. I love this site and I hate to leave it !
    I can’t pay for editor :( !

  • geovank


  • Arlene

    I agree with everyone else.. a one time fee is a much better option. However.. I did try to upgrade today and after filling out all the billing info for the 4.99 monthly i seem to get no where after i click the upgrade button? tried multiple browsers… anyone had success?

  • Jade

    Could you get a payment method for royale via mobile transaction?

  • VerouCZECH

    I always loved PicMonkey,but I’m angry now!Why did you made PicMonkey for money!I think that everyone liked you for the best efects..What do you think??That’s crazy..Please!!!Make PicMonkey for FREE!!! :'(

    • Oscar Todd

      Verou…. nothing comes for free somewhere there is money backing eve the free…..such a nice program needs to be some biz success for them I agree that they did not moved the stuff in nice terms and I have had a big pain to get me into paypal… so it goes…they own the idea they can do as they please sad to have fallen in love with such…lol… hope they get a beter biz deal for the ‘whole’….

  • emily bolton

    “Bye bye Picmonkey.” You are definatly going to be losing a lot of users.

    Not that you haven’t noticed I’m sure.

  • Fisheye

    What a shame. I love Picmonkey, but it monthly fee is bit toooo much for program I will use about 1-2 times per month.

  • KC

    I love Picmonkey, and I have faith that there will soon be an annual subscription. I think that 60.00 per year, while much more than I thought it would be, is reasonable for what we get. I would love a discount on an annual subscription.

    We’ve always known that PM was new, and thank goodness we had it when Picnik disappeared! We’ve always known it was all free until the developers got to the point where they needed to start to charge for some of the features.

    The program works, and it works well. It saves me time. I expect that it will get better over time, too.

    I am signing up for the Royale treatment the moment that I hear that there is an annual, discounted rate. I would sign up for multiple years, even, if that is offered.

    Thank you PM peeps! And please hurry!

  • Rob L

    I love Picmonkey as much as everyone else, but my wife is on unemployment and I just can’t justify $60 a year all things considered. Hoping they work out another way to bill or discount this.

  • megan

    for the most part, i think its mostly teens/ young adults using this site (not saying its only them cause i know that probably every age group does use it) but most younger people are either too young for a credit card, or on a budget that restricts $60 a year, not to mention i dont use picmonkey every day mostly when i have free time and feeling creative and lately i just havent had time to use it so in my case $5 a month is a lot if i am only one 2-3 times a month but i have read your posts on how you guys are working on a lower annual pre paid and that is more appealing to most people. i dont own a credit card but if you do the annual thing i can get a pre paid card and use that then its all paid for.

  • nini


  • jezandia

    I would totally pay for a yearly membership if it were reasonable. $60 is not reasonable. Picnik was reasonable. This will be adios if you don’t come down on the price.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Jezandia. Hope you discovered our new Yearly plan, which is a 45% discount, at $33/year.

  • http://arpy arpy

    sorry, it won’t be free again?

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Arpy. The plans are to keep going with a site that’s more than half free, with less than half of the features Royale.

  • Ann

    if you were to make it possible to upload more than one photo at a time and keep images’ history (like iPiccy) and also the much loved feature on picnic that allowed you to retrace the editing steps of a photo, I would be happy to pay what you are asking, but not before then!

    • PicMonkey

      Hear that, Ann. Thanks for chiming in. We have those features on our list and will carefully consider them along with the super jazzy other stuff in the works.

      • Ann

        thanks for your reply, I really hope that you will add those features!!

  • Picki

    J’aurais aimé que ça reste gratuit ! C’est rare les sites gratuits de nos jours ! :/
    Dommage ! :(
    J’utilisais ce site web parfois….

  • pickicool

    Please Come back to free mode !

  • pickicool

    R.I.P to Picmonkey !

  • The dude

    This SUCKS. You expect $60 a year for something that used to be free?! Most people use this for fun and only once and awhile. I was a huge supporter and loved this site. How disappointing. I’ll go elsewhere thanks. Enjoy your money guys.

  • Verla

    Hey would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m looking to start my
    own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m
    looking for something unique. P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    • Michelle

      This is a WordPress blog.

    • PicMonkey

      This is WordPress Triton Lite blog theme. Our fabulous designer Jen Shetterly tweaked the fonts and layout here and there but the template you’ll find on performs pretty close to what you’re seeing here.

  • Sumer

    I think $33 a year is a fair price for a great service. I too missed piknic and was at a loss until my niece pointed me to PM. They deserve to make a few $ for what they are, I’m sure, tirelessly working at…be fair people.

  • Mary Zig

    PicMonkey…. I love, love love your product…. but $60. a year?

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Mary. Hope you noticed the new price for annual membership is $33. It’s just another option to consider.

  • Gabrijela Križić

    Good day! I accidentally squeezed me all the things in the future-picmonkey can obtain when editing images. What will I do now?

    • PicMonkey

      Gabrijela, we love this question! And we love that you bravely used a language translator to get your question into our native language. But… sadly we don’t understand. Give it another try, with a different language translator!

  • Mana

    This price is way to high. I was using picnik for years, and the free version had a lot of things that you now need an upgrade to use. So so disappointed and I’m afraid I won’t be coming back until I see a price drop.

  • raheel memon

    this is good editor

  • jacq frei

    Although I love some of the features available on pic monkey, I am also not willing to pay $60 a year for this program. Still too many glitches… it doesn’t display properly on my screen- I use Firefox browser- I do not have this issue with any other programs or previously with picnik. I would definitely consider paying an annual fee of $25-30, however. I have started to use an alternate free site for the time being…

  • jacq frei

    Oh wait- did I just read above the the new fee is $33? Is that for 12 months? Much better if that is the case, and I will check this out!

    • PicMonkey


  • Kerin Ramella (@KerinRamella)

    I can’t believe I never had found you guys before! This is amazing! My one suggestion would be to offer a one time purchase option. I’m so glad that I found you guys now that you have the annual option but I would love to pay a one time charge and use it forever. And the only reason I say that is if I were to purchase an editing program I would be able to use it for years and years. I wouldn’t mind at all paying more for a lifetime cost. But this editor is out of this world and EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Thank you thank you thank you!

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