Rock It Green for Saint Paddy’s Day

Contrary to what certain frogs might have told you, it really is easy being green. Get a great color-washed look with one of your old friends, Ombre, Tint or Warhol. These color-changing effects are grouped together in the Paintbox group under Effects. Spring into the Editor and play along at home.

photos of the same dog color washed green using Warhol Tint and Ombre effects


Warhol is great for a deep green look and the ability to choose just the greens you want. When you first open the effect, you’ll see color pickers that let you select the two colors your photo will end up displaying. The “First” color maps to the dark values in your photo, so choose a darker green. For the “Second” color, choose a mid to light green. If you know a hex number for a perfect green you like, just click in the color box and you’ll see a place to type it above the color grid that appears.


Tint gives you a quick way to add a light wash of green over your image. Just choose a green from the color palette, adjust the fade, and you’re set.


This fun effect lets you create a gradient of green. Try a gradient of white to green or light green to dark green. Be sure to play with the “Direction” slider to change which way the gradient goes.

Warhol, Tint, and Ombre allow you to paint on or erase off the effect in specific areas of your photo with the Paint tool tool. Click the paintbrush icon to open the Paint palette. To paint a spot of green, check the “Reverse effect” checkbox and brush on green where you want it.

screen shot showing the Paint palette open within the Tint effect


You can’t celebrate St Paddy’s Day without shamrocks, right? Find them in the Overlays tab under the Symbols set in the General group.

graphic collage of three St Patrick's Day designs

And don’t forget to check out the great Spring Bling swatches we’ve got for you in Collage. Use them as festive backgrounds in your cells, then click “Edit” in the top toolbar to add overlays and text for simple St. Patrick’s day designs.

But don’t stop there; learn all the stuff! Peep more tutorials and how-to content:

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  • Stuart Campbell TieArt


    Typo in you heading in your email and web page.

    It’s ‘Paddy’s Day’ not Patty. Also the symbol for St Patricks day or (Paddy’s Day) is a Shamrock which has only three leaves.

    Your website is showing a four leaf clover, often used in the US but incorrect, it has nothing to do with Paddy’s day. St Patrick used the three leaf shamrock to explain the holy trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit many years ago here in Ireland where I am writing from.

    Just thought you should know.

    Love your site.

    Stuart Campbell

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    Any chance of you adding “watercolor” to the effects or is there already something like it that I’m missing?

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    You could really do better for St. Patrick’s Day! Where are the leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold? What you HAVE offered is all over the place and hard to find. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE PicMonkey but THIS holiday offering is a fail!

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