Make Your Own Gift Tags

Tutorial: DIY Gift Tags

You’re no schmoe! You’re not even a semi-schmoe. So don’t use those off-the-shelf gift tags with the impersonal, same-same images and uggers fonts. You’ve got good taste, a boatload of awesome photos, and your...

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help link at bottom of screen

Help Articles Can Save Your Bacon

You’ve gotten pretty far in editing an image on PicMonkey, and you suddenly realize you’re at a complete dead end. You have no idea what to do next, and you wish you’d taken...

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Designers Guide to Winterland

Designer’s Guide to Winterland for Holiday Cards

Oh no we di-int.  Oh yes we did bring you a lustrous new theme: Winterland!  Use these efffects to start making your Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa, and New Year holiday cards now. Jen Shetterly...

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cover image for vampire weekend article

Vampire Weekend!

You’re probably thinking: I needs me some vampire effects again. I’m so vamped up I need an exclusively vampire photo editor, like, for vampires only. PicMonkey people, did you take my vampire stuff away...

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Movember: We Grow Hair Because We Care

“Movember” has been designated to bring attention to men’s health issues  (Men + November = Movember, get it?), particularly testicular cancer and prostate cancer.  Join the effort by helping to raise funds and...

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photo of the Ergotron

Resistance is Futile

In an effort to stave off computer-related posture damage, Brian got a fancy contraption that lifts his monitor and keyboard into a standing desk. The best part is that it’s called The Ergotron....

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Word from the Monkey

Let me tell you a little something about the big world out there. A little something about a monkey we’ll call me, who just wants to do some good, make a few people...

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Halloween Effects for the Hurried

Sometimes you don’t want to follow a detailed recipe, you just want to cook. Our super-visual Effects Lists show how we made four great costumes with Halloween effects. See these in large size,...

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Extreme Makeover, Halloween Edition

Extreme Makeover, Halloween Edition

You have all the tools you need to completely change your look.  For the better?  Hay-ull no, for the horrible-er!  Peep this slide show of all our Halloween effects:  vampire, ghost, demon, witch,...

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Make Dramatic Eyes

Tutorial: Make Dramatic Eyes

Altering the eye of your subject gives you a major bang for your Halloween buck. Here are expert tips from PicMonkey designer Jen Shetterly, on how to get realistic but dramatic looks from...

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cover image for collage tutorial

Tutorial: Make a Photo Collage

They say a butterfly dies every five minutes*. But you only need about four minutes to learn how to make a collage with PicMonkey’s easy-peasy tutorial, and then you can create the most awe-inspiring...

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PicMonkey’s on Pinterest!

If you’re not already a Pinterest freak (like we are) you now have one more reason to become one: PicMonkey’s Pinterest boards. Oh yes, peoples, we have let loose a torrent, a deluge,...

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If you’re reading this, you’re one of us. You know what you can do with your photos when you sit down to edit them. But you probably have friends whose photo wizardry stops...

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