• A head-to-shoulders crop is perfect for LinkedIn profile pics

    10 Ways to Turn Up Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

    Congratulations if you’re getting ready to graduate, graduated recently, or wear your cap and gown regularly because you think it makes you look smart. (You should probably stop that.) With a college degree in hand, you’ve already nailed the first qualification for most of the jobs you’re looking for....

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  • Tutorial: Make a Text Mask

    Because there’s always a new text and image combination, and because life’s too short for boring photos, we did this. You’ve probably heard it described several ways: Make an image come through text. Clipping mask with text. Image as font. Crop an image with words. Make an image in the...

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  • Video Tutorial: Dodge and Burn

    Take complete control of your lighting with Dodge and Burn. Harness the power of the sun with Dodge, a tool that creates light so wonderfully precise that it’d have Prometheus all like, “Say whaaat?!” Then to bring balance to the universe, you can manipulate shadows and conjure darkness with Burn,...

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  • cover graphic for cuteness article

    Cute Overload: We Know You Can Handle It!

    If you’ve got a need for cuteness, PicMonkey’s got stickers galore to blast you into the adorb-o-sphere. Just plop these overlays on top of your photo, your collage, or your blank canvas and customize ’til the animals come home. Open up the Editor to play along! Give a go with ridiculously...

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  • cover image for look better in photos article

    How to Look Better in Pictures

    Being photographed – some of us hate it, others pretend to hate it. Whether you stand begrudgingly or pose like a star, you can’t beat our professional tips on how to look better in pictures. For the Shoot Obviously it helps to know about a shoot in advance. (Even...

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  • Rock It Green for Saint Paddy’s Day

    Contrary to what certain frogs might have told you, it really is easy being green. Get a great color-washed look with one of your old friends, Ombre, Tint or Warhol. These color-changing effects are grouped together in the Paintbox group under Effects. Spring into the Editor and play along...

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