New Design Feature Puts Graphics in Your Wheelhouse

You know how we adore you and listen to you like a stalker? Well, we made what you’ve been asking for: a design feature that kicks off with a blank canvas instead of a photo. This feature is boss when you want to make an infographic; a watermark; a blog header or graphic; or even a scrapbook-y, poster-y hodgepodge of overlays, text, and photos. If you’re blubbering with happiness right now, we’re here with the tissues and the screen shots.

Here’s how it works: Hover over the “Design” button atop the home page, and PicMonkey shows you six blank canvas size options.


Click Custom to create any size your heart desires.

Custom blank canvas

After you choose canvas size you’re taken to the Basic Edits tab, in the Editor, to begin your creative masterpiece. In the Canvas Color tool, use the color picker to choose a background color. If you have a specific hex color you like, click the hex code (ffffff), type in a new code and hit “Enter” on your keyboard to apply. Or select “Transparent canvas” if you’ll be creating a logo or an image to layer over another image when you’re finished editing it.

Change canvas color

Now that you’ve chosen the background color, go to the “Overlays” tab, the butterfly icon, to choose from a large assortment of overlays. You can layer your own photos or graphics using the “Your own” button at the top of the menu.

Add overlays

And of course you can add text in the “Text” tab.

Add text

Textures, effects, and frames will be applied to the canvas only. If you want to apply these over the entire image, first click the Merge icon in the top toolbar to merge text and overlays together onto the canvas.

Merge layers

Our blank canvas feature lets you start from scratch, without a photo, and create all manner of graphic and photographic layered images. What kind of stalker makes that kind of magic possible, huh? None. Proof’s in the product, friends.

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101 Responses to “New Design Feature Puts Graphics in Your Wheelhouse”

  • You are SOOOOOO AWESOME! Thank You!

  • Yes!!! Love this, thanks! Can’t wait to use it :)

  • I. LOVE. YOU. PICMONKEY!!!!! I’ve been hoping for a feature like this forever!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I constantly use your program to help me create digital images for my jewelry making business and for editing every photo!!!

  • Love, love love….thank you guys!

    I am the first to admit I didn’t fall hard at first for you, and the monkey…but now that we have gotten to know each other better, it’s true love.


  • MY GOD. you guys are freaking fantasic. I been wanting this forverrrrrr but didnt exactly know how to do it in other software. You guys rock and make my life much simpler when it comes to creating things..banners is a big thing for me as well as logo making. i have made loogos with your software but didnt have the transparency. love it, love it, love it.

  • This is great news! Thanks for ‘listening’ to us…..this is going to save steps in the long run, which just means we can create even more awesome things within Picmonkey! Woo Hoo!

  • I don´t know what to say!!!!
    You´ve made my day!!!

  • Thank you …thank you…I had made my own but now I don’t have to go through those files to get them. Would you like to barrow my OVAL, CIRCLE and HEART ? :)

  • after the choices of blank canvasses shows up, i can’t move my cursor to the one i want because as soon as the cursor leaves the word “design”, the choices disappear.

    • That’s not supposed to happen, Bob. Can we get you to hook up with our support engineers using this page — The page automatically sends us your browser info so we can get to the bottom of it more quickly.

      • Hey Bob. You should also make sure that you bring your cursor straight down from its hover position (the “Design” button) down to the choices below it. If you go diagonally, the Monkey thinks you’re trying to navigate to buttons on the left or right of Design. Hope that does the trick.

  • Is there a gallery where these creative people can share there product. It would certainly kick start me. I am never good at inventing the wheel, but I am much better at modifications.

  • Love picmonkey. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m having the same problem as Bob Spear “after the choices of blank canvasses shows up, i can’t move my cursor to the one i want because as soon as the cursor leaves the word “design”, the choices disappear.”

  • Yes, hand me a tissue! Thanks so much!
    I hope you will have some tutorials/examples of ways to use this new feature.

    • Yes, Lynn, we will have more tutorials coming right up! Hang in there. Meantime, you can look back over any of the old tutorials using the “Tutorials” link at the tippy top of this page.

  • Wow! This is incredible, seriously. You folks are the best and it is so exciting seeing all this develop. Really fun stuff!

  • It’s just like You say: I’m blubbering with happiness ;)))

  • Finalmente!!!
    io tenevo su desktop scannerizzazioni di fogli A4 e poi lavoravo su quelli, ma così è moooolto meglio!
    E scusate se commento in italiano, l’inglese lo capisco Manno riesco a scriverci!

  • LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for adding this feature!

    Would love some additional size templates.

    Any chance we can expect a “Add your own font” option?

  • Is there a tutorial up on youtube yet?

  • That is a great tool, thank you very much! As for improvements, it would help a lot, if the size (of canvas, photos, cropping…) can be set also in cm or mm, as I always have to use pixel-cm calculator to find out the size and it is not always precise as I can´t use the decimal numbers.

    I love picmonkey and am huge fan of it and use it onadaily basis. It is one of the best tools for nonprofessionals ever. I have one more idea for your future development. I think there are many of us among picmonkey freaks that would appreciate if you could develop a simmilar tool for creation of brochures. I am sure there are many small companies, like ours, that have no money to pay expensive designers and wouldn´t mind to pay a subscription fee in order to have possibilty to create decent brochures by themselves. In any case, thank you for picmonkey!


  • Loving this new tool! LOVE IT!! Thank you.

  • Love the new tool! Is there a grid available to overlay on the canvas to make it easier to lay things out?

  • I have tried to figure out a way to completely change the background on a picture. Example – we were in a store in Montana and my husband tried on a Cowboy Hat. It was so cool looking on him so I snapped his picture. Looking at the picture, however, I realized how cool it would be if I could change the background from the ugly store isle to the Mountains and Lakes of Montana. Is there a way to do that with this new feature? I too love PicMonkey – he is my best friend – every morning I open him up with my email and Facebook because I get pictures of my grand kids who live so far away from me – that is about the only way I get to see them on Facebook and of course they always look fantastic after PicMonkey gets through with them. Love, Love, Love this website!!!!!

    • Brenda, you can do that! Just open the photo of the mountains and lakes, and then click the Overlays tab, cuz you’re gonna layer another photo on top by pretending it’s an overlay. Click “Your Own” and open the photo of your man. Click the Eraser tab at the top of the little Overlay palette that pops up. Now, adjust the brush size so it’s small and start erasing away the store behind your husband, and the mountains will show through. Magic, huh?

  • So happy with the canvas! But I would be even happier if I could save my creation without all the layers combining, that way I could go back and make tweaks if need be.

  • Praise be to the Monkey Gods! I have been awaiting this feature for SO loong.This feature will save me a TON of time.The best just got better =)

  • can we use the canvas background on a collage? how does that work?

    • You don’t need to, Brenda! Collage has “swatches” which operate pretty much the same as the blank canvas in Design. Look at the icons on the left column; the third one down looks like a ring of tags. That’s Swatches; click it. You’ll see a drop-down menu showing various themed sets of swatches. You can drag the swatches into your collage cells. You can also control the background of the entire collage, with the Background tab.

  • trying to figure this out. I created an orange canvas. Then I put a photo on it. I want the photo the original color with the orange background. How do I do this? The photo is now orange hued. ??

    • Hi Brenda. That’s weird that the photo ended up being orange-hued. Click on the photo and the Overlay palette pops up, with controls in it that affect how the photo looks. You should have Fade set to zero, and the Blend Mode should be “Normal.” That should do it.

  • Not sure I understand this one at all but judging from the comments, I’d like to know more. Any examples of how this can be used?

  • This is perfect. In the past I created 2 blank .png files and uploaded them to Google Drive so that I could use them no matter which computer I was on. But now I can delete them – or maybe I will keep them around for old time sake.

    I have two requests. On the Facebook “template” can you add something to indicate the position of the Facebook profile image so we’ll know to avoid adding type or decorative elements in that area?

    Next, actually this is a question – do you have an affiliate program? I can’t figure out where to sign up?

    One last thing: IMO PicMonkey is SOOO much easier to use than Canva.(I just needed to tell you that).

    Thanks and enjoy the holidays!


  • Dear Picmonkey – you’re my favorite monkey. I love this new feature. Now I am hoping for Christmas card templates so we can drop in our photos and have a cool design set up for us :)

  • where is the overlay tab? I can get as far as changing the background color but then what?
    Thanks for any help

    • The Overlay tab is one of the icons in the far left column of the Editor. Both the “Edit” button and the “Design” button take you to the Editor. ONce you’ve changed the background color, go ahead and explore ALL the tabs/icons. Each will open up a menu of choices. You might want to start with Effects (the magic wand icon) and pick one from the top of the list; they’re the most popular.

  • Help! The overlays tab is totally grayed out for me. I’m a paid member. I’ve updated flash! Does it have something to do with the fact that I’m a Mac user? I’m anxious to use this awesome tool!

  • Thanks for making my life easier. I had been doing work arounds by opening a picture and then putting a white overlay over the top. Thanks.

    Any chance for a roll out of the snipping tool? I use layers and the erase tool all the time, I can almost get rid of my photoshop needs with just a little more monkey :)

  • Muchas gracias!!!! os adoro <3

  • jenifer andrews

    Hi there. I don’t see an overlay button? Like a previous comment says, I get as far as selecting a background color. But there’s no menu or overlay button to add a photo or overlays?

    • Hi Jenifer. You just go to the Overlays tab like you always have, in the panel on the left side. To add a photo, go to Overlays tab and click “Your Own” at the top. You’re adding your own photo as if it were an overlay.

  • When your in Design mode, I am unable to add photos? Is that suppose to happen?

    • You use “Design” to just get the canvas. Then go to the Overlays tab to add your photos using the “Your Own” button at the top of the menu. You’re pretending that your photo is an overlay.

  • I have designed a x-mas greeting card using the design canvas. I love it and better still my Google plus post has animations of some stuff I made in PicMonkey.

  • Thank you for that really good tool :)

  • Love you stuff! Would you consider making it where you can remove background from your photo?

  • How do you add a picture on a blank canvas?

  • you can not Crop your pcs on one page why is that

  • eermm how can i download overlays like the hearts?

  • Sandy Thompson

    I am having the same problem. Don’t see any overlay button after I have my canvas color. I would like options of textured backgrounds, hearts, etc. I am Royal member but I am not a monkey graduate yet.

  • Sandy Thompson

    Just a suggestion, but it would be helpful if the tutorial showed a screen shot of where the actual Overlay is – along with the step by step instructions how to use this feature. I finally figured out the Overlay is the icon shaped like a butterfly on the left. Then I finally figured out the eraser is in the “Clone” tab but when I tried to use the eraser nothing happened. I couldn’t erase the background. Any ideas?

  • Christina Montoya

    I am so new at this and this question might be stupid but, I do not see “Your own” button at the top of the menu in the “Overlays” tab. I just upgraded and paid the 33.00 dollars for the year to get more options and features do I need to purchase something else in order to use the transparent canvas?

    • Christina – the tutorial is not very helpful for this application. I was very confused myself. I figured out if u go to the butterfly icon on the left side & click on it then “your own” is the first box

  • Thank you!!

  • I have upgraded to Royale, confirmed, and logged out/back in, but when I try to color my canvas and then use fonts like Sketchbook it will not allow me to use them. It doesn’t turn blue like most of the other fonts do. I’m desperately trying to create a chalkboard looking poster for my daughters birthday. Please help!

  • Mikey Angelu B. Abutin

    Great!!!!! :)

  • Nice but i can’t make a pic

  • Great tool i like your useful tips thanks alot
    Creative 3d Design dubai

  • I just found PicMonkey and although I have a job where I play on computers all day I think I’ll be spending my evening glued to this uncomfortable chair lol. I’ve been using GIMP on my PC and I use Photoshop at work but I have always been a fan of browser editing. I’m starting a custom graphics blog and this is so handy :D


  • Grid please, Grid please, Grid please!!!!! Would love aligning things easier!!!!!! Thanks!

  • Deborah Hammond

    How would I wrap words to form a circle or a heart? Also is there a ruler/grid feature for spacing help in creating?

  • Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things

    Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to make a collage that is formed of a group of photos that makes it look like a jumbled pile of pics? Picasa has this feature. Thanks.

    • Hi there I love picmonkey but there’s one thing that would really help especially when I’m doing different fliers for my company and I have to go back and change something and I can’t get back to that same place and change graphic or print because it freezes.Is there anyway to get that to save maybe on our own computer and then go back in and make changes

  • Love the Monkey but I have a question.

    Do pictures come pit pixely if you print a 8×10?? Haven’t tried yet :)

  • Has anyone figured out how to make the background behind a graphic transparent so it can be used in a transparent logo? If I am using text that’s fine, but if I add one of my graphics that I have made by doodling, the background still shows up.

    Any suggestions or help would be great.



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  • The pre-determined canvas sizes didn’t come up. Bummer. It would have been a nice feature.

  • How do I make the PPI be more than 72?

  • what are the rectangular dimensions for a Facebook desktop ad? When I use a post, which is square, the collage/photos get cut off. How do I convert a post to an ad using the correct size in the custom sizing option? Help? Can you all just make a size template? Would be a lot faster and easier to create great ads!

  • Samantha Boston

    I genuinely love you more than life.

  • I’m trying to design a photo, however when I hover over the design button nothing appears, and when I try clicking on it, it just reopens the homepage again.

  • Juantia Saint Louis

    Are these designs royal free clip art or color canvas?
    also what are the Pantone PMS for the paint colors on the texture tab?

  • I wish you would find a way to do different things with text like curving, waving, different sizes, etc.

  • Would love to have the capability to add grid lines or a table with grid lines for inputting information. To make a chart.

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