If you’re reading this, you’re one of us. You know what you can do with your photos when you sit down to edit them. But you probably have friends whose photo wizardry stops after they  press the shutter release button. They don’t edit their photos and they have no idea what they’re missing.

Well, here’s a photo editor’s manifesto for you, from our Pinterest boards. Use it to explain why you’ve been up ’til three in the morning cloning the sky or putting devil horns on your dog. It might nudge some of your edit-less friends join the pack, and it’ll definitely circle the wagons with the ones who are already hopelessly addicted.


  • thedaringlibrarian

    [sniffs] This. Is. Beautiful.
    I edit my photos because I want to rule the world. My world is digitally enhanced, cropped to perfection, brightened, boosted, and tweaked beyond recognition into something of heart aching beauty. I edit my photos because I must. It is a part of who I am. I have font lust and graphic desires and you, dear friends, are my digital re-up dealers. Thank you.
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian

  • PicMonkey

    Ms. Jones, you do rule the world! We are all here to do your bidding. #genuflect #bow #curtsy.

  • Amy

    This is the best thing that has happened to me in years! Ok, aside from children being born, it does top the list. I love how I can express my world, and impress my people all with the Monkey! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And don’t go anywhere to soon!

    • PicMonkey

      We love that about you too. Stay with us, it’s gonna be a cool ride. :)

  • T.

    I LOVE THIS THING!! What a thing! It’s addicting! I just spent 8 hours making my fb friends and family Hallowe’en f’ugly! What a blast to see them using those pics as thier fb profile pics!! It’s like I’m Boss Vampire making my undead army! 😉 Deadly Site! Thank you!

    ?btw? can I buy this as a stand alone program, because in conjunction with Photoshop it really saves a lot of time and the results look amazing!

    • PicMonkey

      Glad you’re digging it! It’s not offered as shrink-wrapped software, but we will be offering a “Royale” subscription soon. Ads-free and lux-o superlative effects.

      • T.

        Nice. Will keep checking back.

      • Melonie

        Will this include a way to keep a copy of your photos for future editing? I’m really looking forward to that! It will save me a lot of time re-editing photos, when I simply need to remove or edit text, etc.

  • Kevin Wallace

    For the first time in my life, I have a Monkey on my back and I’m looovin’ it! Thank you PicMonkey, for makin’ my world look the way I see it!

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks, Kevin! We love makin’ stuff for you.

  • Corletta Clay

    Let me just say…I LOVE PICMONKEY! You have boosted me to celebrity stardom on Facebook! Posterwise that is! Thanks PicMonkey…You Rock!

    • PicMonkey

      So happy to hear it!


    Hello, my English is not very good. I’m a girl from Spain, yes, here we are delighted with PicMonkey, I love, I can not live without. I love giving magic to the photos of my daughter with your help. You are amazing!

    There is only one thing that I can not change. My photographs weigh about 6MB and I would continue to save it with the same weight.

    Is it possible to keep the same weight (MB) file?

    Thanks for existing! :)

    Hugs from Ibiza (Spain)

  • Tracy Walters

    I love, love, love my PicMonkey…and please don’t go selling out to Google or any other fancy pants site because it’s the little people who can’t figure out PhotoShop even if I could afford it (Can’t) so just stay as great as you are adding new features all the time to make my photo editing as fun as it is, funner then a kid at Disneyland, funner then a witch in a broom factory…just a bunch of photo editing fun, so I say “Thank you” and I’ll try to remember to click on some of those advertiser you have posted on the site now to continue our fun together…

    • PicMonkey

      Have we mentioned how awesome you are lately? Stay perfect!

  • Jennifer

    I am loving pic monkey, been playing around since April. I’m working on a project now where I am using the labels and text. Is there an easy way to get the same color for both? I’m going cross eyed trying to match the colors. I’m sure it’s just me…I’m not the most tech savvy person! Thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      There is a way, Jennifer! When you pick a color for the text or the label, just copy the color code (the 6 digit hexidecimal RGB code) in the upper right corner of the palette. Paste that same code into the same area (upper right corner again) of the palette of the label or text you want to match it.

  • kristin english

    Christmas font soon? :)

    • PicMonkey

      Hang in there, darlin’!

  • Planet “ouch! you stepped on my eye!” Earth

    Picmonkey is cool and makes me as happy as a banana on it’s side.
    It’s nice to know that I have the choice of drawing cartoon dinosaurs in a photo of a busy city or making my little sister look like chuckie from child’s play once again (she was NOT a cute baby), soon I shall hone these picture editing skills for world domination (not quite sure how, but I shall), but until then, I’m going to use the blemish fix to get rid of those giant zits on my facebook profile pictures . . . .

    • PicMonkey

      Stay funny!

  • JoAnn Fisher

    I am lovin this PicMonkey sooo much…I don’t try to pretend I don’t fix my photo’s a bit…love creating perfection….you have made me a favorite “pin-up” on Facebook….and at my age, that is much appreciated….THANK YOU…so looking forward to your “subscription” format…Please hurry can’t wait!!! :)

    • PicMonkey


  • Jen

    Christmas Cards? Please pretty please! Monkey please?

    • PicMonkey

      Yes, dolling. It’ll be there for ya.

  • GLoomyDays

    I agree with The comment above this one, Something for the New years and Chirstmas?! O: I would love you guys forever! Halloween effects are awesome btw! I wish some of the things on here didn’t cost money. It’s hard to find editing programs that are free ): This is one is sort of… How long does the free trial last?

    • PicMonkey

      Free trial is almost almost over. Winter Wonderland theme is on its way… very soon! Thx for chiming in.

  • Carol Amos

    Hi PicMonkey. thanks for adding my suggestions. I have refereed a few of my facebook photography members ,you will be proud to here. They love PicMonkey as I do as its easy & Fun to use. Dont sell out to Google we would rather pay you guys :) I love collage & use it very often for my groups winning photos. Keep up the awesomeness & wonderful new texts . Thanks a ton for making my photos look great with your editing program. & frames :)

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks for checking in, Carol!

  • Marlene

    I am LOVING the PicMonkey :) I am teaching a digital photography class at our local Boys and Girls Club in Jan…guess what they will be using to edit…that’s right, just a little ole monkey their teacher has fallen in love with :) I cannot wait to see what they create!

    • PicMonkey

      Sounds rilly cool, Marlene! If they’re like the kids we know, it’ll be an easy onramp to photographic genius.

  • Aline Noberto

    Sou de São Miguel do Gostoso-Brasil. Amo demais o PicMonkey, nem acredito que o encontrei. não posto uma foto sem antes passar pelo PcMonkey.

    Amooo d+++, Abraços!

    • PicMonkey

      Oi. Obrigado por gostar PicMonkey! Fique impressionante.

  • Homan Jamuda

    the text features aren’t working and amn’t able to use all of them….please fix it soon…!

    • Stephen Gum

      Well they charge for the textures now. Lot of people are not happy about that, however they do not care

  • Sue Scimeca

    I love editing my photos with PicMonkey because I want to create things of beauty and a lasting gift to pass on to my family. I have Photo Shop Elements and use Picasa too, but I always include a stop here to do my major “adjustments”…especially layering!! You make it SO easy to do. I have tried and tired on PSE but I just get to irritated when here I can do it so simply on PicMonkey.And I get to add my own layers and textures too. Thats one -major- reason I continue to return here time after time.
    Keep up the good work guys, I’m loving every minute of my time spent here and I think you are much better then Picnic ever was.

  • Hilma

    It feels as if I can express what I mean by my pictures thanks Picmonkey! The world would be a dark place without you!

    • Debby Konecny

      Stephen, I’ve used Picnik and was very pleased with it. I was saddened when they sold out to Google..but I never had any problem with Picnik and I used them ALOT!. I was automatically refunded my subscription fee without any problem, as well. I was happier than happy to find out the PicMonkey picked up where Picnik left off and now I’ve subscribed to PicMonkey as well. As far as I’m concerned Its a nominal fee, so I have no problem subscribing at all. If it’s a good product and PicMonkey is my estimation is,then to me, it’s definately worth the nominal fee!
      I LOVE PICMONKEY and will stay a subscriber for as long as they provide their services!!

  • Stephen

    They were getting money from the advertising
    on the website. I am sure that it was a considerable sum
    as the cost of the advertising is based on the hits
    per day. I am sure that PicMonkey is getting a huge amount
    of hits, as it is very popular software, so in that case a lot
    of money.

    Now they want to charge the users a monthly fee.
    When I was using PicNick, designed by the same people,
    they were charging a monthly fee, then they started charging
    a yearly fee, and then after they got everyone to pay the yearly fee
    they went out of business and never returned the yearly fee that
    was put on the card.

    If the client does not say anything about it, the next thing that
    you know, Face Book, Google, Yahoo will all do the same thing.
    The idea is to gouge the customer as much as possible.

    • Pocket Monster

      De acuerdo contigo. JAJAJAJAJJA. ¿Se creen que viendo cómo está España, gracias al incompetente que nos gobierna, vamos a poder pagar 5 euros para editar nuestras fotos? ¡Venga ya! Si a algunos no les da ni para el Pan.

  • http://Spain Miiriiam

    Hi, I’m a girl from Spain so do not know much English.
    But I have a problem. I love photography, and Picmonkey is the best place where I can edit and add color to my photos.
    Now comes the problem, has become Picmonkey payment, ie I have to subscribe and pay 4.99 a month to add life to my photos and be happy about it.
    I can not afford that, for various reasons, no esque one I can afford and one that to enjoy an online application and is not fair to have to pay.
    In short, I can not use Picmonkey and my photos are not the same.
    Please do not do this and we will not put payment.
    Thank you. Greetings. :S

    • http://Spain Miriiam

      But I like more Picmonkey.

      • Stephen Gum

        Then pay the price and go wit PicMonkey

        • http://Spain Miriiam

          They will lose customers because of that, I’m going to stop using it. And I will not be the only person who is going to do. Thither you.

          • Stephen Gum

            I have all ready stopped using it

  • http://Spain Miriiam

    Hola, tengo un problema. A mí me encanta la fotografía, y Picmonkey es el mejor sitio donde puedo editar y dar color a mis fotos.
    Ahora viene el problema, Picmonkey se ha vuelto de pago, es decir, que tengo que subscribirme y pagar 4,99 al mes para poder añadirle vida a mis fotos y estar contenta de ello.
    No puedo pagar eso, por varias razones, una de ellas esque no me lo puedo permitir y otra que para disfrutar de una aplicación online así no es justo tener que pagar.
    En resumen, ya no puedo utilizar Picmonkey y mis fotos no son lo mismo.
    Por favor, no nos hagan esto y no lo pongan de pago, o pongan otros remedios, porque de verdad que no son lo mismo, casi todos los efectos que solía usar estan en modo “upgrade” y ya no sé que hacer.. busqué varios programas parecidos, pero no son lo mismo.
    Ya me pasó algo igual con Picnik, que lo tubieron que quitar por razones desconocidas. Ahora que recobré la alegría con Picmoneky, por favor, no me nlo impidan…
    Gracias. Saludos.

  • Pocket Monster

    Hola. Soy española, y como mi nivel de inglés no es alto [Normal, viniendo de España, ¿no?] prefiero escribir como tal. Luego ya ustedes se van al traductor de Google y hacen lo que quieran. Picmonkey es una gran herramienta para editar las fotos. Sublime. Lo usaba muy a menudo. Pero me llevé una sorpresa cuando, al intentar editar mi última fot, me dijeron que tenía que pagar 4’99 al mes. Me llevé una decepción muy grande, qué decir. ¿Han visto ustedes las noticias? ¿Y pretenden que, viendo cómo está España, y el mundo en general, me puedo permitir pagar 5 euros al mes sólo para editar mis fotos? Perdónenme, pero creo, señores, que se están aprovechando de nosotros. Tomando estas medidas lo único que van a conseguir es perder clientes.
    Allá ustedes. Yo, lo tengo claro, no voy a volver a usar Picmonkey. Y creo que hablo por mucha gente cuando digo que, al volverse de pago, Picmonkey nos ha decepcionado.

    • http://Spain Miriiam

      No más que decir que tienes toda la razón, que no deberían hacer esto. Me has quitado la palabra de la boca. Allá ellos.

  • Roof Repair Brisbane

    Highly descriptive blog, I liked that a lot.

    Will there be a part 2?

  • Valium

    Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips for novice blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    • PicMonkey

      Keep writing! Re-write everything! Read widely! Keep writing! Don’t get too sucked into your blog; go outside and get some fresh air!

  • video and audio quality

    Hi would you mind letting me know which web host you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3
    completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads a
    lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good web hosting
    provider at a reasonable price? Thank you, I appreciate it!

    • PicMonkey

      Hey there. This is hosted, for the time being, on

  • Kelly Rhodes

    I love editing my pictures on here. Its fun and sooooo easy! I would like to make the suggestion that you add stuff for sports on here! All my kids are in sports and there is nothing on here to add to it or make it sports like! Thanks :)

    • PicMonkey

      thanks for the suggestion!

  • Diane E.

    Not sure where else to comment to leave a suggestion, so I hope here is okay! I first want to say that I absolutely LOVE PicMonkey, I use it all of the time and have created some wonderful pictures. If I had one suggestion it would be to create more creative fonts for writing on the pictures. I know you have a large selection but I see much more creative fonts on peoples pages and wish I could use them. Don’t get me wrong I use yours all of the time, I just would wish for a few more creative fonts like I see on other sites! OR maybe there is a way to use the ones you have to make them pop?!

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to using PicMonkey for years to come.

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. We’re always taking specific requests so if there are any particular fonts you have in mind, send them our way:

  • Rob Smith

    Was very promising. Now with the subscription fee, I am moving on… Good product. Not so good business practice. Unfortunate.