Tutorial: DIY Monograms

Pat and Kevin monogram graphic

You don’t have to be a fourth generation Rockefeller or a Nantucket vacationeer to have a monogram. A monogram is a great way to personalize paper ephemera — thank you cards, wedding table numbers, place cards, and programs — as well as your stylin’ duds. Whether traditional and elaborate or modern and minimal, PicMonkey will help you design a DIY monogram that jives with your personality and aesthetic.

1. Choose your canvas

On the homepage, hover over the “Design” button and select the square canvas from the menu. When the Editor opens, click “Transparent canvas” under the canvas color picker and click “Apply.”

2. Make your shape

screen shot showing choosing a shape and resizing it

Go to the Overlays tab and choose Geometric. Click a shape and it will appear on the canvas. Grab the corner handle and stretch it to a size that covers most of the canvas. Use the Color picker to choose a color.

screen shot showing duplicating an overlay

Right-click on the overlay and select “Duplicate overlay” from the menu.

screen shot showing how to make a circle border

Resize the second circle to be smaller than the first, place it in the center, and choose its color. Right-click on the smaller circle, duplicate it, resize and choose a third color. Click the Merge button on the top toolbar so that you can add text without accidentally selecting an overlay.

3. Personalize it

screen shot showing corner handles for resizing text

In the Text tab, choose a font. We chose EcuyerDAX. Click “Add Text” button and enter the first initial of your last name (or the initial you’d like to have in the center of your monogram) into the text box. When finished, click outside the text box and use the text palette to adjust the color and size. To center the text, drag the left and right sides of the text box to the outer edges of the canvas and click the Center icon in the Text palette.

screen shot showing how to position text on overlay

Repeat text steps above to create smaller initials. For a married couple, the traditional approach was to make the first initial is the woman’s first name, the middle is the couple’s last name, and the last is the man’s first name, but that may not apply to you.

4. Add names

screen shot showing centering text

Finally, you can add the first names below the initials, if you like.

More looks

graphic showing three different monogram designs

Here are some different looks you can go for, as you design your own monogram: trendy, classic, and traditional. Our overlay sets have quite a few options for adding objects and flourishes to complement your design.

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