Summer Content: Little Pieces of Happy Wrapped in Yay!

The ice cream truck of summer content is here, and it’s playing a (non-annoying!) tune right outside your window! Come on down and get your textures, overlays and fonts. Here’s a step-by-step sampler of the new stuff in action; see how you can use them to happy up your images for summer.
three photos showing sparklies being added to photo To make this girl’s bubble wand explode with magic:

  • Remove the color with Black and White effect.
  • Add a Bokeh texture, rotating and resizing to position as bubbles.
  • Add Firework overlays and resize.
  • Tip: you can also change the color of the fireworks using the color palette.

step by step shots showing fourth of july graphics being created To make this flag say Independence Day:

  • Use rectangle overlay to create three horizontal stripes.
  • Add Postal overlay (circle of stars) in white. Duplicate it to get a ring of blue stars. Erase all but the two in the middle.
  • Add text to a photo: Quentin Caps and Justice by Dirt.

images showing how superboy's sky was added to the photo

To bestow this super kid with awesome powers:

  • Add Clouds texture. Erase the Clouds over your subject and change the blend mode to normal and the fade to 0.
  • Add Dusk effect and erase where it occludes your subject.
  • Add text: Verdana Bold.

step by step images showing layering of postal overlays over lighthouse photo

To turn this lighthouse shot into a wistful reverie about beach town getaways:

  • Apply Tranquil effect and then apply Dark Edges effect.
  • Apply Papyrus texture, resizing larger to get paper grain showing.
  • Add Postal overlays, setting one to fade a bit behind the other.

step by step showing how explore dream discover image waas made

To give these watery depths a meaningful pause:

  • Use Water texture as background image; set Blend Mode to Normal and Fade to 0.
  • Add Paint texture (watercolor image) on top of water to give some depth.
  • Add text in RNS Camelia font.

  • Add nautical overlay (anchor); set both colors of this two-color overlay as white.

We hope we’ve sparked ideas for how you want to use the new content. Just try to keep the sand off your monitor, ‘kay?

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  • Chloe C

    So cool!

  • schmittundco

    Hello and Good morning! Perfect tutorials – thank you!
    Just one question relating to the girl with the bubbles: If I turn my pic into black and white, the overlayed Bokeh texture and fireworks are without colours, too. Can´t find a way to change this… what do I wrong?

    Greetings from Cologne!

    • Tammy

      @schmittundco: try changing to black and white THEN adding the texture and fireworks.
      Hope that helps :)

  • Don

    I truly love this website, my pictures have taken on a whole new meaning. Thanks!

  • Joan Trinh Pham (@DieAwesome)

    I echo Don. Seriously. PICMONKEY IS THE AWESOME!!!

  • Kristine

    Love this Tutorial! Thank you, Picmonkey !!!

  • EmmiLu

    have been referred here by a friend! brilliant find! love it!

  • tiki kim

    bummed the ads have seemed to take over last 24 hours :( when you are on a small screen every inch counts. i was using picmonkey everyday, now i won’t be using it at all. no choice can’t edit a photo thats less than three inches tall

  • Rebecca

    Love Superboy! Thank you for the great ideas.

  • Karmen WIlson

    Hey there..for some reason its not letting me edit a photo..not even pulling it there something going on?

  • Patsy Winters

    Hi Don, i absolutly love e
    verything about picmonkey, how about fingernails and mirror fonts in different colors, just asking.

    • PicMonkey

      Interesting, Patsy. I’ll forward your request to our designers.

  • twistnpout

    I LOVE PicMonkey. I use it almost daily for my blog and Etsy photos. I am curious if there is a way to save my work in progress to return to later? I am pretty sure I read there wasn’t a way to do this and I have Google searched this, but not finding a definite yes or no answer.

    • PicMonkey

      You can definitely save your photo and re-open it later in the editor. But you wouldn’t be able to undo edits from the previous session. Sorry.

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  • Don

    Will we ever be able to display some of our work on this blog, ’cause I have some amazing stuff that I have created through PicMonkey that I’d love to share… thanks..

  • Torun

    How do you get the text on it?

    • PicMonkey

      The big “P” icon on the left is a Text tab. There are lots of fonts and colors to choose from.

  • Deanne Gutierrez

    For the Superboy – when you say “erase” the clouds over the subject, where is the “erase” feature? I am just not seeing it – help :)

    • Erin

      When you click to add a texture, it covers your entire picture as you have seen. To “erase” portions (Not really called that which is why you did not see it. :) ) you need to do the following:

      1. Look down to your fader bar at the bottom of the settings box that pops open when you choose a texture. Slide it to the right until you can see your original image showing through a bit. Between 25% and 35% works best for me.

      2. Next to the Fade slider, there is a paint brush icon. Click it. *A dialogue box labeled “Paint” will open.*

      3. Click on the “Original” tab.

      4. Now, start “erasing” anything you do not want to cover your original image. You can use the Paint dialogue to choose the size, strength and edge hardness of your brush as well.

      5. Painstakingly finish up all the edges until you are ready to hand your mouse to the monkey to use as a Ping-Pong ball (well, that is how I feel sometimes after fastidiously agonizing over every edge in a truly neurotic fashion.)

      6. Save it. Sit back and revel in your wizardry! :)

      Here are a couple of nifty tips:

      * If you have been erasing like mad in one long stroke (in other words not little bits at a time but a huge section because you like my preferred method of lazy and get it done 😉 ) and happen to make a mistake, you don’t have to throw your computer out the window because all that hard work was for naught and undoing that huge section would just be ridiculous! Instead, take a deep breath, and click the “Effect” tab in the dialogue. You are able to paint back bits of the effect overlay to correct your blunder. :)

      * If you have a HUGE section that you want to erase and just a little bit that you want covered with texture, use this same technique but only erase the part you want to bear the effect. Now, click the “Reverse Effect” box at the bottom of the “Paint” dialogue. The overlaid texture will do a magic monkey flip, and your little bit of texture will be right where you want it! Now you have time for a good cup of coffee….or a load of laundry….whatever has been neglected while you have been playing on PicMonkey.

      I hope this tute helped you and was not just the incoherent ramblings of a crazy photo geek. :) Happy Monkeying! :)

      • Kim @ healthy nest

        I had the same question–thank you so much for your thorough response! PM is the boooooomb! :)

  • محمد العدل

    Thesis So Cool

  • meridanusantara

    Let’s try!!

  • darshan of super…its…one great idea…

  • SJ

    I really love PicMonkey my photos takes a total new look with the effects that you offer damn i seriously love it this is awesome but what about finger nails? I want finger nails:(

  • PicMonkey

    SJ: you’re the first! What kind of fingernails are you looking for? Extensions? Little stickers to drop on top of close up photos of fingernails? Claws for demonizing humans?

  • tory burch 楽天

    セールtory burch 仙台

  • Alishia

    I LOVE Picmonkey! Nothing beats Royale! Thank you!

  • Birgit

    I know how to turn a picture to Black and White but a part of the black part I would like to brighten it or change the shade of black lighter. how do i do just a small section?

    • PicMonkey

      You could apply Black and White in sections using ‘Reverse effect’ and use the color palette to adjust the brightness for each section.

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  • Karen Coleman

    I was decolorizing a photo and somehow clicked on the MODE box and now it’s big and I have to keep moving it around. Does anyone know how to get it back to normal size?