Kris Kringling: Top Tips for Using Santa Costume Effects

You see them when you’re sleeping; you see them when you’re awake. If you’re ready to join the Santa Claus brigade, use our SantaLand costume effects, for goodness’ sake! We’ve got a few tricks for making your photo subject into the jolliest Santa ever.

Rosy Cheeks


Begin the Santa-fication by navigating to the Costumes group in the SantaLand theme, and select Rosy Cheeks. Choose a cheek color that works well with your subject’s skin tone. Adjust the brush size to fit the area where you’re going to apply cheek color. If the cheek color gets too messy, clean it up using the handy dandy Eraser tool.

Cherry Nose

image showing Cherry Nose effect being applied to photo subject

The Cherry Nose effect makes it easy to create a perfect, silly Santa nose! Choose the amount of redness and the amount of bulging-out-ness using the “Redness” and “Size” sliders.

Tip: If your subject is wearing glasses, make the “Size” slider extra small, so you don’t warp the glasses along with the nose!

Gray Hair

Image showing Gray Hair effect being applied to photo subject

Brush the Gray Hair effect onto most or all of the hair on your subject’s head, adjusting the brush size smaller for the tiniest of hairline-y places. Next, use the “Contrast” slider to adjust how white or gray you’d like it to be. Use the Eraser to clean up any stray grays.

Jolly Beard

Image showing Jolly Beard effect being applied to photo subject

Use the “Dapperness” slider to choose the curliness of the beard hairs. Make the brush size smaller to apply shorter hair to the mustache area. For the hair around the chin, adjust the brush size larger, ’cuz Santa’s got more than your standard three-day hipster stubble. Apply beard hairs into the sideburns for an ultra realistic look.

If you’re into easy-peasy, don’t forget our Stick-on Beard overlays!

Kringle Caps


There are plenty of hats to choose from, so try out a few options until you find the right one for your subject. Click and drag the circular resize handles to make the hat a perfect fit. Use the rotate handle to angle the hat to the tilt of your subject’s head. Once the hat is set at the right size and angle, you can erase away part of the hat to make the tops of the ears pop over the brim a bit: extra realistic!

For a final touch, Yestercolor or Frost (in the Effects tab) are perfect for that extra vintage or icy North Pole look.

Santify Your Family

image showing various costume overlays on four family members

Everybody’s in on the winterizing! We have reindeer antlers and ears; Rudolph noses, and elf hats in Kringle Caps.

Santify Your Pet

image showing a cat with reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose

And don’t forget Mittens. They may not admit it, but even the most cheer-reluctant pets wanna get costumed for the holidays. Add Snowfall effect for a little North Pole brrrrr!

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