Get to Know PicMonkey Royale Features

Anatomy class! If you signed up for PicMonkey Royale, we bet you are loving the ads-free experience. But if you still aren’t quite sure which effects are Royale, here’s your answer: look for the crowns!


In the Editor panel and the Collage panel, all the effects and tools are listed on the left side. The ones that are Royale show a little crown right under the name. Subtle, yes, but you didn’t want to be the kind of flashy, tawdry royalty that shows up in the tabloids, did you?

And look for more Royale features in the future. We will continue to add new features and new content to both PicMonkey free and PicMonkey Royale.

Want to find out more about Royale? Check out these articles:

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  • Stephen Gum

    Well let’s hope that now that you are making all this money, you will fix the way that layers work in your software. That would certainly help

  • sneezer222

    My only question is, why can’t I pay for a YEAR at once? That would be so much easier!

    • PicMonkey

      We are definitely hearing a lot of feedback that people want a discounted, yearly subscription and we are working on one. Thanks for chiming in.

    • PicMonkey

      We are working on a yearly subscription at a discounted price, Sneezer222! Stay tuned.

      • Cat

        Any idea when that might happen? I am reluctant to sign up for the monthly if a yearly might be here soon … thanks for working on it. I really wouldn’t want to give up on PicMonkey now that I got used to my favorite features (most of which have turned royale)!

  • paugtz

    I do not understand why you did it, had to leave all purposes as they were free, I think it was in bad taste, now fails to use picmonkey
    this sucks!!!

    • Diana

      I think i will have to find another photo editing site now that all the good features have been taken away suddenly…not a happy camper here

  • Makayla

    I don’t like the royale stuff. I can’t edit ANYTHING anymore! PLEASE TAKE IT OFF!

    • dimitria

      I don’t like the royale stuff too. I can’t edit ANYTHING anymore! PLEASE TAKE IT OFF! PLEASEEE :(

      • josee

        I find shameful that options become paying while they étaitent free! I change software simply!

  • josee

    je trouve honteux que des options deviennent payantes alors qu’elles étaitent gratuites! je change de logiciel tout simplement!

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  • Ennier Romero

    Pic no tienes PIN?

  • vamp1967

    I am waiting for the yearly subscription whether it’s $60 or less. I just don’t want to write monthly checks to pay for it. 😀 Great job on the site I see how much work you guys and gals have put into it. Your website ROCKS! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your tools for so long for free!

  • Bahs15

    Please don’t add royale ): I can’t afford to pay once a month! This is my only picture editing site )))):

  • carla

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I use their website for a long time, I had to have fun with it now.
    like I am ready to pay the usage charges on it, but I would find it very nice if they would provide additional payment options available, because not every person is in possession of a credit card!
    I would like to offer her about paysafecard, paypal, or even a cell phone to meet.
    In addition, I would find it great if they could upgrade their website with a language.
    I hope for their understanding, in this sense, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2013 (sorry for the spelling, I have to translate it to me via a translator)

  • crystal

    is there a reason that I have no access to the Winterland options, even after I have paid the monthly fee?

    • PicMonkey

      Winterland is still there! At the bottom of the tabs on the left, you’ll see a snowflake. That will take you to all of the themes, and Winterland is the topmost one.

  • Hope

    Well a girls (or guy’s) gotta make $ to stay in business. Shame on all of you for asking to take away the Royale features. Either pay or don’t! it’s pretty simple, but don’t bash them for trying to make $ to keep in biz, rather thank them for the months of free service they extended to us during the developmental phase. I am personally glad they have started the subscription and waiting for the yearly subscription option. Rock on.

    • CKemp

      I agree with you 100%…How would they expect a company to stay in business giving away everything for free?? Good grief people give me a break…..If they would have been really keeping up with the site they would known that this had been in the works since they launched the website after the website picnik closed. And picnik wasn’t free either. I appreciate all they’ve done and hopefully this will keep adding “actions” that make editing so much easier and quicker for photographers….thanks PICMONKEY keep on keeping on……and keep on making great Royale features….

      • C

        Cindy ” Doubt anyone gets a yearly discount … if they even offer it…. ???? . We will see….

        COST WILL RISE OVER TIME , they will add a new feature.. 9.99 a month , another new feature 19.99 a month ..ect…… They Gotta make money.
        WONDER how PICMONKEY was making their money all this time its been free ???

        In the meantime im sure someone else will come out with a similar editing program …
        Free at first of course….

        This Blog is for everyone to make comments , post opinions ect…. this is mine…. :)

      • PicMonkey

        Thanks for chiming in!

  • http://google leila

    Why put something pay? because if it pays you to lose someone who usually go to your quote.
    So if you like, what am gratuis
    Thank you.

  • Thea melissa

    some people don’t have money to pay the royale things
    and i really hate it -.-..

    well i just payed for the royal using paypal but it hasnt gotten on my account yet.. how long do i have to wait???

  • Miss Butler

    Why did most of the features I use have to become royals????
    I came to this site because I could edit my picture for FREE.
    Now I gotta find a new once since there’s no more Picnik…

  • anna

    it is really sad that most of the features now to pay for. i LOVED this site from the beginning and i dont unterstand your step. now i use an other photo editor which is for free – because if i am willing to pay for this, i buy photoshop … very very sad………… but money rules the world………

    • Stephen Gum

      I agree with you 100 %. However I am sure that the people
      that are working on the software, do not care the least what
      people think

  • dimitria

    Picmonkey, do you take off royale forever? :((

  • nola spongebob

    i don’t like it :( cuz i can’t be a member of the royal family

    that’s sad

  • franzyn

    please bring back all tools for free, if i only know how to edit pics on photoshop id rather not use picmonkey but because you have easier tools im always editing pics on this site but now it makes me want to find another photo editor online like this. :(

  • luny

    Please don’t add royale ))))))))))))))))))):

  • sneezer222

    Thank you! I hope it’s soon, I don’t want to sign up for monthly if I can get the yearly, but I do love the Royale features.

    • http://google leila

      There are some who are happy or mad that will be in charge but for someone my age as 14 years can not pay and so we must find another quote, while another cites this as his esr rare, for a time I use pickmonkey but now I am afraid not to come because we must pay if you like it at least try to put everything free.

  • http://arpy arpy

    when will it be free again?

  • Cat WATSON

    Just wanted to make sure i understand here .
    I had used PicMonkey some FREE.

    SO PicMonkey has NO MORE FREE service ” ????? Right ??
    They let you use it for awhile and Now they are charging a 4.99 A MONTH FEE ?

    Ok. If that is correct.

    I Signed up last night or was forced to IF i wanted to keep using PICMONKEY.

    ROYALE ????
    We’ll now that i signed up , paid my first 4.99 , When i edit , it keeps saying I NEED TO UPGRADE… We’ll HELLOOOOOOO , I already have .

    I will probably find another editing service. ……………….60.OO for a year. im sure there are some good editing programs i can install on my computer.

  • Cindy

    If you remember when they first started the site they said it would be free at first, and it stayed that way a lot longer than I thought would. And for everyone complaining about so many features now being royale, you must not have noticed the crowns when they first added them, they were royale from the beginning only you got the chance to use them for free…they haven’t changed anything as far as I can tell. Any one that used Picnik in the past had to pay for their goodies too, but I must admit I’m looking forward to a discounted yearly membership too.

  • Es

    Please, why isn’t it possible to pay with paypal? I don’t have a creditcard! I do not care if i have to pay for this great website, but i can’t :(

  • alberi

    I like to pay monthly. But I would prefer the site in German. Please, soon, little Monkey! Because than its much easier for me to work with.
    I love the Monkey!

  • Realistic

    This were best without paying, just saying.

  • Maram

    I just signed up for Royale and payed via Paypal, I got an email confirming that I did purchase the membership, the problem is when I go to edit a photo with a royale effect, it still says “Upgrade” instead of “Apply”

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Maram. Is it working for you now? You may have forgotten to sign in.

  • blooooops

    ok,ok,ok! everyone calm down! just chill…

    …picmonkey i love you. this is a great site. 😀 i got royale and it is working fine.

    to these annoying ppl: how do you expect picmonkey to keep going without payment?? its not a big deal! its still awesome and come on, $5 a month? relax!

  • gina

    Although very disapointed, I understand your need to make money. However, the red-eye reduction feature is acting pretty freaky on me (for lack of better word). When I try to use it, a giant black area appears where the eye should be…and then some. I think I will try to find a new site. Thank you, however, for the months of free editing tools, I’ve really enjoyed them.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Gina. In the future, if you have trouble, you can contact us here, and we’ll try to trouble shoot the problem.

    • Vicki Wilcox

      A lot of times I have the same problem with the red eye feature…….sometimes it takes more than one click if the red is strong. Then is when the black appears in the wrong area, and even though you close it out and come back, it’s still the same problem.

  • Staci

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for a yearly memebership and to upload multiple pics at once… One of a time drives me a bit crazy! Love the site! Thank you!!!

  • Danna

    Okay, I signed up for Royale but it does not accept my card number.

  • Shelby

    PLEASE work on either a (major) discounted yearly fee or even a “one time use” 1-2 dollars for a day or something. I love using picmonkey to improve my photos, BUT I don’t use it very often as I work every day. I take pictures as a hobby–and only get to edit them maybe once a month at most. $5 to edit a couple pictures on one day… not exactly worth it. $60 for one year is ridiculous. That’s how much I pay for car insurance for a month. I LOVE picmonkeys effects. PLEASE.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Shelby. Hope you’ve noticed our new Yearly Plan, which works out to $2.75 a month.

  • Milena Fontana

    ma come mai prima era tutto gratis e adesso la maggior parte delle cose è a pagamento?

    • PicMonkey

      Il 60% di tutti i nostri effetti sono gratuiti. Guarda i nostri effetti “Sweethearts” in arrivo, vedrete un sacco di quelli gratuiti.

  • Kiro

    Seriously? You made the clone tool a Royal upgrade thing? REALLY?

    No wonder this site lost its ‘Photo editing made of win’ title… :(

  • Cindy

    Ever since Picmonkey opened the clone tool was listed as Royale but they were kind enough to let everyone use it for free until the upgrades.

    Oh, by the way Picmonkey, thanks for the new annual rates, they’re great! 😀

    • Kiro

      I know that, but the reason I use PicMonkey instead of freeware like Gimp is that I can quickly access the tools I need, without all the hassle an actual program has. But I use the clone tool very frequently on my photos and now I need to use another program just to clone stuff which pretty much destroys the easy-on-the-go thing.

      (For example I can edit colours and contrasts to my satisfaction using PicMonkey on my car photos, but since I plan to publish them further around the Internet I need to remove the license plates which is quick and easy using the clone tool, but now I need to open the photos in another program just to do that.)

  • Stephen Gum

    So what is the new Annual Rate ? Anyone have an Idea ?

  • Cindy

    It’s posted on the home page…$33 for the year which comes out to $2.75 a month :)

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks, Cindy. Yup, it’s $33 for the yearly.

  • Tracy Walters

    I can not believe how much people are whining about all the services not being free…Have any of them tried to buy software that is super complicated to use, and cost a lot to edit their photos. And the clue that this wouldn’t be free forever was when PicNic was sold to Google or whoever it was sold too. I thought $5 a month was indeed a bargain and if you don’t want to pay it use the freebies and be happy. And if $33 is gonna be the yearly then I’m all in cause I love the change of season always bringing us new fun options to play with. So sorry for a the negativity but I flipping love this site and use it for work, FB all my photo editing cause it’s EASY…Thank you, thank you, thank you…you all are fabulous and I love this site!!!

  • Jeannie

    It is so sad to read all those who are disappointed that there is a charge to use this editing service. People want free, free, free but are they willing to give their work away free as well? Monkey has always from the beginning stated on home page that the service was free for a limited time which was much longer than what I had expected. Thank you Picmonkey for sharing your services for free as long as you did. I love being creative with the tools for all my scrapbooking needs!

  • Vicki Wilcox

    Attention to the Pic Monkey staff`~ find your site very user friendly, however will you ever consider adding a canvas type tool in addition to the program to create an oil painting….I’m interested in the “Old Masters” technique and Impressionism. Thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      HI Vicki. We’ll add it to our list. Always love hearing what people want.

      • Vicki Wilcox

        That would be amazing!!! Thanks for listening. <3

  • Jack R.

    I started using PicMonkey about two months ago, Love It. Now I pay the yearly Fee and It’s well worth the Money. My Friend , Pro Photographer , Says It is a very good software and he loves it. I showed it to him when he was bring me some of his softare over to use, Said I didn’t need what he had because PicMonkey covered everything and was alot more user Friendly. I’m loving it…thanks

  • Vicki Wilcox

    If the clone tool can remove people or background images out of the pic., how is it done? There’s no explanation. Thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Vicki! After you’ve opened the “Clone” effect, click the “source” button, then click on the part of the photo that you want to select for cloning (i.e.,copying). Then click on the part of your photo you want to cover over with the cloned selection. We’ll put up a tutorial sometime soon!

      • Vicki Wilcox

        Thank you!!!

  • Audreona

    I personally think it’s dumb that you are making people pay for things that were already free before!! My most favorite thing to use was Deurotype. I and i’m sure many others don’t have the money to be shelling to just so we can use certain features. You should switch it back to the way it was before.. FREE.. that’s the problem with sites like this,, everything is all good until you have to pay. it’s dumb. Switch it back!! please

  • Sayyed Ibad Shah

    i can’t sign in into pic monkey….please help me

    • PicMonkey

      Hey there. Did you click “sign in” on the upper right corner of your screen, and have the password and email address you set up for the account? If so, something else is up, and we want to help. Send us a note at
      and we’ll take a look.

  • http://Suckow Brenda

    Stubborn, cheap people,
    You know what happens when a company has to give everything away for free, just to keep a customer? THEY DIE!! I have been the chain studio business (until April 3rd) for 8 .5 years, and both companies I worked for have folded b/c customers refused to PAY for the awesome service we provided. I am now without a job. And you dont like it, move on or pay up! MY 2¢.

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