Get a Free Week of Royale Just for Being a Chatterbox

If you’re wondering how your creativity would blossom with access to the photo editing glory of PicMonkey Royale, the answer is closer than you think. With our new Tell a Friend program, when your friends check out PicMonkey, you both get free access to Royale! Yup, ads-free editing and all the primo PicMonkey Royale extras can be yours (and your friends’) just for spreading the good word.

New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde has it all wrong; this kind of luxe is definitely for you. Go ahead and start planning the masterpieces you’ll make with:

  • Classy, serene one-click effects, like Intrepid, Rapture, and Urbane
  • Royale Touch Up effects like Airbrush, Wrinkle Remover, Mascara, and Nip Tuck
  • Artsy camera-look effects like Polaroid Film, Time Machine, and Daguerreotype
  • Sassy Royale fonts One Trick Tony, Channel, Sketch Block, the ever popular PencilPete, and more
  • Two-color, hand-sketched, and engraved overlays too gorgeous to pass up
  • Distressed and ephemeral Royale textures like Smudge, Papyrus, and Edifice

Here’s how it works: when you sign up, we’ll bang out a special, personalized link for you to drop into emails, post on your blog, or shout loudly into friend-filled gymnasiums. Your friends who use that link to check out PicMonkey will get a free day of Royale, and when three of them have done so, you get a free week of Royale.

We can’t wait to refer to you as royalty, so hurry up and get started! Need help? Check out these tutorials!

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