PicMonkey Staffers’ Facebook Collages

Uh, we didn’t want to say anything, but your Facebook cover is getting … kinda stale. A little smelly, too. And those vacation photos are, like, so fresh they’re gonna burst! Share the beauty: drop your summer photos into a swanky collage for your social media cover.

Here’s where PicMonkey staffers have been this summer, as seen in their brand new Facebook cover photos:

collage of Brian's vacation snaps for his facebook cover photos
Brian and his lovely lady found inner paz in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

photo collage of Lisa's vacation
Lisa and her crew toured the sites (and broke cameras!) in Germany, France, and Iceland.

photo collage of Jordan's vacation
Jordan and her guy biked the beaches of the Washington coast.

collage of Jenn's vacation snaps
Jenn and her fella got in over their heads in the canyons of Utah.

Here’s a tip: Plan around the fact that your profile picture will be placed in the lower left corner of your Facebook cover, taking up about twenty percent of horizontal space. So be sure that your collage doesn’t show anything of focal importance in that area.


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