Cloudy with a Chance of Dropbox

More and more people are discovering the magic of storing their photos in the cloud, with Dropbox. So PicMonkey is connecting the dots between photo storage magic and photo editing magic. Now, you can pull images from your Dropbox folder to PicMonkey (without downloading first) AND you can save your edited images directly from PicMonkey to your Dropbox folder. That means less clicks and more time for your creative brain to stay in the glory that is the Editing Flow Zone.

So look for the Dropbox icon when you open images:

screen shot showing Dropbox icon when opening a photo
and when you save images:

screen shot showing Dropbox save option 












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  • kelly thompson (@kellythom747)

    so great! now my computer will save space!!! kudos for the brains behind this one!

  • Annie – The Ranting Latina

    I noticed this while working on the site today! How neat!

    Now is there any chance we could (at some point) save our works-in-progress on the server–or elsewhere? That way we can come back to them whenever we please and make some changes (instead of starting over)? That’s be so AWESOME! (Gridlines would be the bomb, too :).)

  • dishofdailylife

    Can’t wait to check this new feature out!! And I would also love if we could save our work in progress!!

  • Me

    This is FANTASTIC! Yippeeee


  • Debbi

    Who needs a free trial – there is no better editing software program short of a steep learning curve for Photoshop or Lightroom 5.

  • Brenda

    What are the differences between picmonkey and lightroom? Can I get my files back to their original size after editing with picmonkey?

  • Cabbage

    Picmonkey supposedly has a sync option with Google drive, but it’s not in the save or share options. Is that just a crazy idea that the devs decided to scrap?

  • krista

    Its free on facebook

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  • http://almaliki yaseer


  • Mette fra

    Hello. I don’t know where to post this. So i am doing it here.
    I have a huge wish. It would be awesome if there was a cover feature in picmonkey. A feature that makes it possible to make covers for cd, dvd, books, ipad screens and so on.
    Thanks in advance

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks for sharing your innermost wish. Hearing what folks want is always helpful!

  • My Bucket of Parts (@mybucketofparts)

    This makes me want to get a Dropbox account just to use the feature!

  • Katie

    Will there ever be the ability to save a work in progress? I just signed up for Royale and thought that might be an option, but I guess not! I would love to be able to save my work and come back and make minor tweaks (change a font, color, etc.) Thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      Hear ya, Katie. It’s something we’ve heard before, and we do have to balance it with about a billion other things we want to do to keep on bringing new capabilities and features. But we’re tracking requests carefully. So, gotcha!

  • Janet

    I, too, signed up for Royale expecting to be able to save my work in progress, but I’m very frustrated and disappointed that that is not an option. Apparently, neither is a refund. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend PicMonkey. If you have to start over from the beginning just to make a tweak, that’s crazy and not worth even the small investment.

  • Kris Kesler Rudolph

    OK,. ONE more heart’s desire!!! I would LOVE to be able to take one part from one picture and cut it into another picture….like changing a background on a family pic or something. What say you?!?!?!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Kris! You can do that by opening one picture on top of the other as an overlay (click “Your Own” atop the overlays menu). Click the Eraser tab, and erase parts of the top picture you want to go away. The Blend Mode should be set to normal.

      • Kris Rudolph

        ACK!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!! Thank you! Will try today!

  • Catie

    Is anyone else getting an error when trying to save to dropbox?!

  • Chris Caterino

    never works for me. cannot load from dropbox to picmonkey. have royale account.

  • Mrs. A

    Will a feature be added to save work in progress? Having to start over to make minor tweaks is uber frustrating, especially as a paying Royale member. I know that many clients would appreciate this feature – myself included!! Many thanks :-)

  • Janice Bush Smith

    I have been creating graduation invitations and have also found it very frustrating when I need to make minor changes and have to recreate the entire thing. It’s also crazy that I can’t have more than one project that I am working on. It has cost me time and money because there is no feature to save work in progress. Please Please PLEASE add this to all of the other great things that you offer.

  • Simi Xiamara

    I have MANY photos in my Dropbox about 40 GB & THIS doesn’t work for me at all. It just sits there & wont load