Bring the Radiance: Edit Wedding Photos

Bring the Radiance: Edit Wedding Photos

DIY wedding photos that look like you spent a fortune? Check! Edit wedding photos with PicMonkey for the tools you need to create beautiful, professional-looking images you’ll treasure forever. We’ve brought together our top seven favorites ’n fixers to get you jazzed about the big day (and the fun you’ll have editing photos afterwards).

Open our photo editor to play along at home.

1. Stand out from the crowd

wedding photo before and after showing Daguerreotype with selective color

When you danced for the first time as a married couple, did you feel that you were the only people in the room? Capture this feeling for eternity with selective coloring.

Tips: Click the Effects tab and apply the Daguerreotype effect using the “Brady” setting. Click the paintbrush icon to paint the color back onto your photo subjects. You can also do the same thing with the Black and White effect, but we like Daguerreotype/Brady for its richness.

2. Go vintage, go retro!

wedding photo before and after showing retro look

Vintage weddings continue to be a hot trend this year and you can give your photos the look with Picmonkey effects. Make your current image classic with the Sepia effect, and Dark Edges. In seconds you have a timeless photo just like grandma’s.

3. Let the sun shine in

wedding before and after photos showing Sunglow effect

You have the power to control the weather with the click of your mouse. Wedding day a little grayer than you hoped? Add a warm, glowing feel to your photo with Sunglow (Effects tab). Who knew being omnipotent could be so easy?

4. Set the mood for love

wedding photo with Bokeh effect

Disco ball or no disco ball, sparkling up the scene evokes warmth and delight. Get the look with Bokeh (Effects tab).

Tip: Play around with the size slider, and the exact placement of the effect on your photo. Click the paintbrush to erase the effect from faces and other areas where you don’t want to see it.

5. Say it proud

wedding photo with first dance lyrics applied as text over image

Nothing says “just married” like your first dance song. Create a stunning keepsake of the moment, by tattooing the lyrics of “your song” on a photograph.

Tips: Open your photo in the Editor and apply whatever effects, touch up tools, or textures you like. In the Text tab, choose the font that matches your wedding vibe (we have over 100 to choose from!). Click the “Add Text” button and paste the lyrics of your song into the text box. Play with font style, size, color and placement until your masterpiece is perfecto!

To get more tips on using our text tool check out this video tutorial.

6. Keep their eyes on the bride

wedding photo before and after showing the removal of tan lines

You look fabulous, but your tan lines are stealing the show. PicMonkey swoops in to get the focus back where it should be: hello, gorgeous!

Tips: Erase away tan lines with the Dodge Tool found under the Effects tab. Want your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom? We’ve got you covered; check out the Airbrush Tool (Touch Up tab). And while you’re there, make your eyes pop with Eye Brighten.
Get hints for retouching photos in our Using Touch Up Wisely tutorial.

7. Erase the mistakes

wedding photos before and after showing finger removed with clone

Have a thumb in the corner of a great shot your friend captured with her digital camera? Get rid of that thumb using Clone, and you’ve got another pic for your album!

Tips: Choose Clone from the Effects tab. Click an area you want to copy (the clone source).Then click the area you want to get rid of — poof! Keep covering the bad with the good this way until Thumbuddy vanishes before your very eyes!

Find more detailed steps in our tutorial How to Use Clone.


Photo credits: Many thanks to talented photographer Cameron Freshwater for taking these gorgeous photos. (We added that thumb to the last one, just so we could show how to erase it!) And thanks to John and Rachel for sharing their big day with us.


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