Tutorial: Photo Editing for Cool Newbies

Hey you! Don’t just lean against the wall with that “I’m fine…really!” look on your face. Come join the party! We are editing our crumbuns off: experimenting, playing, and punching out some hecka beautiful images. Here’s the skinny on how to dive into our photo editor while holding your drink level and looking kewl.


screen shot of the navigation toolbar

Hover over the “Edit” button at the top of the home page, and photo storage places appear beneath it (your computer’s hard drive or a Dropbox, Facebook, or Flickr account). Click one to select your photo. Your photo will open in the PicMonkey Editor. Alternatively, some browsers will allow you to dra-a-a-g your photo into the Editor; just start dragging the photo and you’ll see a square launch target to drop the photo into when your mouse crosses state lines into PicMonkey territory.

If you’d rather play with a sample photo, we’ve got a few to the right of your photo storage options, after you’ve hovered over the “Edit” button. Click one and it will open in the Editor.

From this point, the world’s your oyster—explore, you Magellan! Or you can keep following our docent tour, here…


PicMonkey launches the Editor with the Basic Edits tab open. If you launched the Editor by clicking somewhere else on the home page, click the Basic Edits tab (the topmost icon in the far left column). Click the “Auto Adjust” button to see what PicMonkey thinks is your photo’s best exposure, color, and clarity. Sometimes the Monkey’s right, sometimes not.

screen shot sowing image being cropped

Click Crop. If you want your photo to maintain its aspect ratio (proportions), click “Scale photo” before you start. Click and drag the corner circles to crop it, and click “Apply” when you like what you’ve done.


screen shot showing undo button in the top toolbar

Notice the toolbar that floats directly above your photo. Your best friend is the Undo button, the curvy arrow icon that points to the left. This is how you undo any action or any effect once it’s been applied. For example, if you didn’t like what “Auto Adjust” did to your photo, click Undo.


screen shot showing wrinkle remover being applied 

If there’s a person in your photo, you can experiment with our Touch Up tools to bring out the best in his or her facial features. Go to the Touch Up tab by clicking the lipstick icon . (You can also get to Touch Up directly from “Touch Up” button atop the home page). Some all-time favorite free ones are Blemish Fix, Blush Boost, and Weight Loss. You can experiment with the Royale Touch Up effects even if you’re not a Royale member; you just can’t fully apply them to the photo. Favorite Royale Touch Up effects are Wrinkle Remover, Mascara, Eye Brighten, and Air Brush. Our photo subject got Barbie-perfect skin today, with Wrinkle Remover. We put some great samples of photos that we retouched, in our Touch Up board on Pinterest!


Click the Effects tab (the magic wand icon in the far left column). These effects are made of awesome, and they can dramatically change the mood of your photo in one click. The efffects group called Tried and True are huge among PicMonkeyers. We used Dusk to create a warm vignette around our wistful lady. Go to our Pinterest Effects board for a quick look at before-and-after pics of many of our effects.

screen shot showing paint palette opened with dusk effect


screen shot showing overlay palette and circular handles

Time to have some fun with photo overlays. Click the Overlays tab (the butterfly icon in the far left column). Scroll down the menu to the People Toppers effects group. Click Facial Hair and observe the instant manliness. We’ve decided Mrs. Wistful needs a mustache. The corner circles help you size the overlay, and the top circle helps rotate the image to just the right angle.


screen shot showing polaroid frame on photo

Now it’s time to frame zis verk of art. Click the Frame tab (the square icon near the bottom of the far left column). The first four frames are the easiest to work with because they maintain your photo’s original aspect ratio. Try Polaroid Frame. Notice that it may crop your photo to a square. Click “Transparent Background,” which makes the frame look super realistic.


Save your photo using the Save button in the top toolbar. You can click Share in the same toolbar to share it on your own PicMonkey share page in Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest or Email.

Next time you set out for adventure, you can explore the Themes tab (the bottom icon in the far left column). The Halloween themes — Vampires, Zombies, Day of the Dead, and Witches — have tons of Quick Tips laid right into the editing experience. It’s like going to the PicMonkey Graduate School of Photo Crazification.  

More photo editing info for your brain:


  • http://gingercarter.wordpress.com Ginger-Vee Carter


  • http://gmail lauren


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  • Linda Greenwell

    Awesome! Can’t wait until I have time to explore this Picmonkey thingy to see if it is for me.

  • http://journeysthrugrief.wordpress.com Peggy Sweeney

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for all the “tips”. You give me GREAT inspiration!
    Peggy Sweeney, Editor
    The Journeys Through Grief Newsletters

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      thanks for stopping by, Peggy!

      • Patricia Gettys

        I’m still FRUSTRATED! New here but I was doing ok, with a few technical problems but now I am UNABLE TO EDIT TEXT, my customer wants a few changes and I can’t DO them. I am paying for the service and it’s not working. I have Chrome, I have Flash, I’ve restarted, so what is the problem, PLEASE!

  • ale

    está buenísimo, lástima que no se puden utilizae todas las herramientas.

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      tiene todo si utilizas tu imaginacon a mi me encanta!!!!

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    hay que descargarselo??

    • Carole

      OK, I get it. Have done more reading, and realised that cloning is only available under the Royale version – of course!

      • Kathie

        With the Royal being only like $30 for a year it’s a great value for such great & easy to use editing tools!

  • Carole

    I have finally taken the plunge and tried it out for myself, but I’m stuck.
    I have cloned part of the photo, but am unable to save it. I am using the free software, and the only options that come up for me are to upgrade, discard or cancel. What am I doing wrong?

  • Brihanna

    PLEASEEEEE make an android app for this. Best online editing software I’ve seen; neat, professional & has all the features I use combined into one. Normally I have to use three apps. I LOVE IT!

  • http://ileane.wordpress.com Ileane

    I want to draw a straight line – how can I do that? Thanksl

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Well, if you don’t mind it being imperfect you can use “Draw” in the Effects tab.

      • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

        Hang on, Ileane, got a better solution for you! Use “Draw” (in the Effects tab), but hold down the Shift key while you’re dragging to draw a line, and it’ll make a perfectly straight one! It’s a bit finicky for vertical lines, but you can do it. Hope this helps!

      • http://igetready.com Andrea Urban

        Or you can make a really skinny rectangle :)

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    i love this program…..

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    …i keep on clicking bubbles for my image setting, why it does not respond?

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    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey


  • meow

    i want to paste an other picture on cny of my editng picture.. how can i do it?

    • meow


      • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

        If you want to paste an entire image across the full width of another image (and blend them, we assume), use “Add your own” in the Textures tab. If you want to place an image that doesn’t fully consume the width of the photo you’re putting it over (and you want to be able to play with the size) use “Add your own” in the Overlays tab.

  • PMP

    LOVE you picmonkey! Are there any plans for some Easter fun???

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Not like Halloween, but we’ll do some new stuff for ya. Thx for stopping by.

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    And that, my dear, IS the HOOK!

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    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Big hugs!

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    How to download?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi there. If you want to download a photo you just edited, you click “Save” in the top toolbar. Is that what you were asking about?

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  • Joanne

    Hi, I love using Pic Monkey so very much. The effects are just amazing. But recently, I haven’t been able to do much editing on my photos because most of them require upgrading. I don’t want to upgrade. So what should I do?

    • Marlene

      UPGRADE!! It’s just $30 for the year, it’s toally worth it

  • Tlwdolphin

    When you do a focal point, how do you adjust instead of circle, and change it to different size?

  • Dawn

    Joanne- did you ever receive a response? I also don’t want to upgrade, let me know if you found out a solution without having to upgrade. Dawn

  • Anna Lobato

    Es lo Máximo!!!! desde que lo descubrí no paro de usarlo, amo Picmonkey y mira que yo soy fan de los editores de fotos, he hecho cosas increíbles con esta aplicación, me encanta!
    ojalá la hicieran para descargarla en iphone o android, vale mucho la pena hacer el Upgrade….

    • http://www.Restoration-Ministry.com Portia

      I just found out about this program and I just upgraded. This is a great online program! It’s only $33 for a year. If you bought photoshop Elements it would be $99 or $600 for regular photoshop. $33 a year is nothing for a program like this. If you want to be more creative and have more options go for the upgrade. I’m sure this company put a lot of money into creating this program.

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    This is an incredible program! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  • jenn

    I just purchased this because I need to make a collage. The tutorial says it is easy peasy, but I cannot get it to work for the life of me. I cannot get my photos into your program and there is no upload photos button as stated in your directions. please help, as I have already paid for the year!!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Jenn! The way you upload photos is “edit a photo” button that is to the right of the orange monkey logo. Also you can go to http://help.picmonkey.com/ for more tips. (see the “let us know” link at the bottom of the page)

  • http://shostablog.wordpress.com DuraLex

    I like Picmonkey so much but I have one problem. I’ve just bought a tablet computer (Android 4) and a can’t use picmonkey service because this OS doesn’t support flash. Are there ways to use picmonkey with my tablet? Thanks!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Sorry, but Flash is currently what is required to run it. Stay tuned for mobile options down the road, but for now, you do can’t run it on your iOS tablet.

  • http://picmonkey Lynda

    I am not able to go back into my subway art and edit/manipulate any of the words/phrases I have previously saved. Is this option only available with a membership?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Lynda. Not sure what you mean by “go back into” a photo you’ve edit. Would you shoot us a note here


      and tell us more about the problem?

    • Tina

      i have created an invitation and saved it to my desktop. I was able to get it back to pic monkey but it won’t let me edit the text I created. I have paid for the upgraded version. Please help.

  • http://mariefriddle.com twistnpout

    Hi – I love your service – just upgraded after using for a year for free. Nearly broke me, but it is worth it. I’d love to write a post on my blog about how cool Picmonkey is. Would that be ok?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Fantastic! Yes!

  • http://gravatar.com/pegnyberg12 lovely times and happy dsys o mine

    how do I erase flaws from the background… completely

  • http://pegnyberg12.wordpress.com lovely times and happy dsys o mine

    Hello….. Is there anyone out there? Just wanna know how to erase flaws in the background

  • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

    Hi Lovely Times. Best bet is “Clone,” which is a Royale effect. If you’re not a Royale member, try opening the photo as a texture on top of itself. Then use the paintbrush to erase out the parts you don’t want, and adjust the fade. It won’t completely erase it, but it could do a decent job. You could also try Blemish Fix in the Touch Up tab.

  • amanda

    I am new and for some reason I can not get certain jpeg files to open…Any suggestions?
    These are photo’s that I have scanned in.

  • Andrea

    How would I use Picmonkey to enhance eyes…alot of professional pics I have seen enhance the subjects eyes to where they are extremely blue, or whatever the eye color is, and so clear, Do you have options for this?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Have you tried “Eye Brighten” in the Touch Up tab? It’s awesome. Click on the eyes after you’ve adjusted the brush size just right. And then be sure to play with the “Lighten” slider and the “Fade” slider to get it just right.

    • donna

      to make the eyes really pop use the mascara on the whole eye, not just the lashes, I also use this on the lips. This does not any color at all. I aso use the dodge tool around the pupil to make the eyes pop even more

    • Cheryl

      use dodge

  • Jennifer

    how do I change everything to black and white except blue eyes? I can do one eye but can’t figure out how to do the other one using the B&W focal tool.

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Jennifer. That’s easy! Use the Black and White effect, instead; the one that’s closer to the top of the effects menu (the one with the chinese lanterns in the button image). After you’ve clicked the effect and your image is ALL black and white, click the paintbrush icon in the lower right corner of the effect interface. A paintbrush palette will open. Make sure that “Original” is selected (in blue) in the bar atop the palette, and adjust the brush size before you start painting the black and white *out* of the areas where you don’t want it; in this case, the eyes. Works like a dweeeeaam, I tell you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mohamed.max.56829 حبي خليك في حالك

    how do I change everything to black and white except blue eyes? I can do one eye but can’t figure out how to do the other one using the B&W focal tool.

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      did you see our reply above?

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    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      How are you enjoying your job at BlogEngine? 😉

  • Jennifer

    Thank you PikMonkey! That does EXACTLY what I was wanting to do! Love it! Super easy tool! Yay!

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    Will you ever make a mobile version for Android/iOS?

  • su

    think this is brill – just created my first subway art and very happy with the results. Only thing is I went back into the picture to try to change one of the colours and the font and couldn’t figure out how to do it. I tried clicking over the text but didnt work ???? any help/thoughts greatly appreciated.

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Once you’ve saved something, you can’t go back and take it out. Here’s what you CAN do, though…
      If it’s a solid background, you could open it in the Editor and place a solid square overlay where the bad word/bad color is, and then add back the word on top of the overlay. But you’d need to be reasonably certain you can get the exact same background color as whatever surrounds this area.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/dianna.nichols.3 Dianna Nichols

    What happened to the red-eye touch up. It doesn’t work anymore!!

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Red Eye works a bit differently now, but we hope you’ll agree better now. Instead of a single click on the eye, you click and drag a box over the pupil that needs fixing. If you’re still feelling like something’s wrong, contact us at http://help.picmonkey.com/customer/portal/emails/new and tell us what you’re seeing.

  • Babs

    Can anyone please direct me to a link that explains “how to” show a reflection in the water of say a moon rising over it? I’m new and need some direction.
    Thanks Babs

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Babs. Go to the Themes tab (bottom icon on the far left), click Vampires, click “Moons” and choose one of the moon overlays. Place one over your photo, in the sky, and one over the water. Adjust the “Fade” slider so that the moon in the water looks more transparent. That should do it!

  • SpogyMogy

    I didn’t mind being imperfect and so using the draw tool from the effects, I drew a face. Thing is, I put it in a weird position and it’s taking up a lot of space. So I want to delete my drawing or erase it, but I’m not able to do it. What do I do to take it off?

  • SpogyMogy

    and plus, it won’t get selected. It’s a bit of a fix.

  • http://www.stephenrcampbell.com Stephen Campbell

    I’d like to change the aspect ratio of an image from 3 x 4 to 4 x 3 without distorting the image. It seems like I should be able to frame the image in white (or some other color) to do it, but I can’t figure out how. Is it possible?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      HI Stephen. This is a tall order. We think the answer would involve cropping your image so that the height is where you want it to be, knowing that you’ll need to add more width. Save it. Then, create a one-cell collage that has the right 4 x 3 dimensions and has no picture in the cell; just a white background. Save it. Open the white cell image in the Editor. Click the overlays tab. Click “your own” to layer the photo on top of the white image. Now you have a photo with the height you want, and an extra chunk of width on the side (that’s just white).

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    I have paid for 12months of use with picmonkey and I cant even log in tried to contact but no joy can some one from picmonkey please get back to me to sort this problem out

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  • Barbara Ripley

    So…can the background color be changed to white?

  • http://gravatar.com/lisamflynn Lisa

    LOVE PicMonkey!
    I would be very willing to upgrade as well…IF I knew that you could change the text color by TYPING in the HEX code. Using that little eyedropper trying to find the right color is awful! But it won’t accept my attempts to edit the hex# in the box.
    Any suggestions? I will upgrade if you tell me the feature is only in the Pro version. :)

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Oh, but you can! Where it says “Color: 000000″ click on the 0s and type in your HEX code.

      • http://gravatar.com/lisamflynn Lisa

        Thanks. But I’ve tried that countless times. It does not take. :(

      • Lisa

        Oh, fyi, it does work when I am typing the HEX in to change the color of a canvas. Just not when trying to change the text color.

  • lee

    is there something you can do to change a background. like make it black or make it a diff colour or make it an effect background etc. thanks.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      At this time the background colors are static. We chose to go with a darker background in the hopes that it makes it easier for you to focus on the image you’re editing.

      • Lee

        So how do I get that background?

  • roberta


  • kellie

    I have my picture all done but when I went to order an enlargement through Walgreens.com the 8×10 was off, I couldn’t adjust as pix were too low. How can I edit on picmonkey & be sure to allow room to enlarge the print w/o messing up all my editing???

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    I think the original photo is a little better, because the lady is looking to the right, and then it is supposed to be more space/room on the right side. Just a tips to others

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  • Mariechen

    Dommage que ce ne soit pas en Français pour moi,en Allemand pour nos cousins germains,en Italien pour eux etc etc etc …SUPER PicMonkey…J’adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

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    It wont let me upload a photo. I hover over “edit” and click on computer and it does nothing.

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    Thanks a lot, I think a have a problem in saving the edited photos I press the save button but nothing happen , where can i find the saved photos??

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  • Rebecca Saha

    How can I make my text a functional hyperlink before saving? I want to use PicMonkey to make pics that can link to my website, blog, etc. Thanks!

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    I hate how the wrinkle smoother is not free no more!! it sucks!

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  • Lauren

    Hello, the thing is that i purchased the PicMonkey Royale and i even cant use this program!!….like i said, i love this and i use it almost every day….dont know whats going on…i use to have no problem before all the changes…i have a Mac…is anybody having the same problem???????? plz help me.

  • http://farruko alexis

    Es exelent

  • Cheryl

    is there a way to save your own water mark to use instead of doing it from scratch every time for every picture?

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    I would love to have crowns added . used them all the time on picnic any chance?

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  • Rachel

    How do I order the pictures that I edit?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Rachel, If you’re wanting to print images you’ll need to save them to your computer once you’re finished editing them in PicMonkey then upload them to a printing service.

  • diana al ameer


  • http://tonk arbazkhan


  • Pat Hambly

    I love this programme and have used it on Safari for a few year along with a number of other pages I belong to. Now I can’t access it on my browser :( Pic Monkey doesn’t support that. I do have Google Chrone but it means opening it separately. I’m disappointed in that change – otherwise it is a wonderful programme for editing.

  • Bushido Bushido


  • https://plus.google.com/105593647802355786335 niza annisa

    Cool monkey,, really helpfull

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  • Cheri

    How can I stretch a photo and make a person look thinner without distorting the entire area? I tried the weight button already. So if I wanted to make a torso look longer or legs longer? Or take a muffin top out of a pic I am editing. Just started learning. Royal. Thank you!!!

  • Gail

    I am having trouble bringing photo’s up from iPhoto it just keeps saying “oops”, do they have to be a particular format?

  • https://www.facebook.com/kriszenMalik Krista Anjelyn


  • Martina

    hey guys
    can you please do a mobile app, i love pic monkey but i do use my phone more than the computer. However it is an amazing editor and i LOVE IT ♥♥.

  • http://facebook omshantiom

    i love it

  • Hannah

    Can someone tell me how to print my picture after I have completed the editing? I am using a pc.

    • feathers2012

      once you save your photo in a folder on your computer, you can print from there, or you can print right from this site…today, nothing is working though..I think the site has a major clinch in it right now..

  • http://www.zhibit.org/marystgeorge Mary St.George

    I am a very frustrated newcome to this program. I am an artist and have managed to put 2 overlays on a photo and erase parts I don’t want. I saved on the desktop but every time I try to work on it again it will not activate. Is there some simple reason for this? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks, Mary

  • http://m.facebook.com melvin

    es buena

  • Ashley

    Someone help??? When I click SAVE it just pops up with a blank page and a monkey in the upper left hand corner and the picture is then gone…I have to start all over again to get the same result?? I just paid the $30 year membership but cant save any photos!! HELP!!

  • Jane

    This really helps not only me but others. Thanks!

  • feathers2012

    is it just me?? this program is not working!!! I pay for Royal and I can’t get into this program to edit anything!! what is going on?? Please help me…let me know if its the site or me please..I’m very frustrated right now.. I need to edit photos!

    • Tammy

      Why can I not log in??????

  • eliran

    how do you save

  • Denise

    When i save a collage i guess i am saving it as a square how do i save where it will fit on a 8X10 ?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Denise! You can change the size of your collage in the dimensions toolbar, located underneath the collage. You need 300 pixels per inch. So for an 8 x 10″ print, you need 2400 x 3000 pixels. To unlock the proportions, click the padlock icon so it appears grey, not blue. Then enter in your new pixel dimensions.

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    this is very helpful! Thanks!

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    wow it’s so very helpfull

  • http://Picmonkey Cassie

    I have been using Picmonkey for a long time and a Royale member for the last year. I LOVE IT!! I have bought and used every other editing program around. My only question is if their is a way to select several photos at once and apply the same edit to all of them? I am a professional photographer and I have tons and tons of photos to edit, this would help me save time on some of my more basic simple edits to be able to do them all at once?

  • http://lucie46.wix.com/wolflover12134 lucie

    I really like this ^.^ Thanks Peggy :3

  • laura y cristian


  • vicki

    I am having difficulties uploading more than one picture at one time to complete a collage. I would love some instruction on how to complete this task. Thanks so much!

    • PicMonkey2

      You can select several photos at once (using Command-click on Mac or Control-click on Windows) and the whole group will drop into Collage’s image tray instantly.

      • vicki

        continue to have difficulties. I have done this in the past and it worked. It has not worked for me (Control-click for Windows) or highlighting more than one file to upload. I was wondering if I had a setting to change, etc.

    • vicki

      I continue to have difficulties. I have done this in the past and it worked. It has not worked for me (Control-click for Windows) or highlighting more than one file to upload. I was wondering if I had a setting to change, etc.

  • Mary R

    HOW DO YOU CORRECT A PHOTO THAT HAS BEEN OVER EXPOSED? I have a graduation photo in front of a white tree and we all look like ghost… Yikes please help? THANKS!

  • Lucy

    Guys if you cant save your edits then just get a quick screen capture thing like lightshot or gyazo that allows you to select specific pieces of your screen. Thats what I do and yeah. Btw I’m not advertising it’s just a suggestion :)

  • Dania Aslam

    I can’t seem to upload a picture onto picmonkey, it never gives me an option of ‘upload photo’ or anything like that. It used to be there previously but not anymore, what do i do? :(

  • ChristiK

    How do I download the free version of this to see if I like it before buying the annual?

  • Yanna

    How can I upload photos to the editor? There isnt anything beneath it and I cant drag the photo. What will I do??

  • http://yahoo JMS Sullivan

    how do I get to be able to sign in as a new member?

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  • Tara Pace

    Can you save your final products to your desktop? And is there a way to have the actual finished photos printed?

  • http://sayidotoyou.com Essie

    How do you add text to the photos?

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    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did
    you hire out a designer to create your theme? Great work!

  • Confused

    I keep clicking on edit and edit a photo but it takes me from the home page where it tells me to up grade and the page that tells me what I can do in edit. How do I actually edit a photo?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey


      You can email info@picmonkey.com with a description of what’s happening and we’ll try to help you out.

  • Giraldi

    Who writes these instruction manuals? I love their witty, airy humor. I could read for hours. Not because I want to learn anything…just because the tone is so amazing. You, my dear sir or madam are to words what picmonkey is to pics.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Thanks, Giraldi. ^____^

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    Wow! That’s really nice article bor beginners indeed! I often wonder why still many people use Adobe Photoshop, as they can easily use PicMonkey for their photo editing purposes. I really like this tool and that’s why using this for last 3 years.

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    thanks PicMonkey >.<

  • nancy portscheller

    I need to teach some children the basics of photo editing. I don’t want them to be online. Can I use picmonkey without being online?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Sorry, Nancy. PicMonkey is an online tool only.

  • Grace

    I love this!!! Is there an app for Iphones or Androids?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Not yet!

  • http://www.internetreadyimages.com/ best sites for editing photos

    Woo its really awesome, what a trick. I personally like adobe Photoshop but now want to use that method. I really surprised. Waiting for more post like that.

  • Courtney Fahey

    This is not working. Why? every time i hover over something nothing happens :(

  • Alicia

    I have fallen in love with picmonkey. I just upgraded for $33 for the year. It will be worth it in the end. I have a 3 month old (and two older boys 7 & 4). I am able to save a favorite picture with how old the kids are and add fun decorations. Great for scrapbooking and adding to calendars that I do yearly for my families.

  • sara

    How do you add a picture to something after you have the background and some text in? I’ve tried a few things but it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks in advance!

  • sonia ingle

    How can if place a picture onto a wall and place that picture into another picture.

  • Cathy Daugherty

    How can I take a shadow off of a face. My friend was sitting in a swing and you can see the chain in his face..Please help!