10 New Fonts Will Bedazzle Your Images

To cap off our month of celebrating all things typography we are rolling out ten new fonts! These little babies are a sweet addition to our font repertoire. They run the gamut from vintage-y modern scripts to cool-as-a-cucumber san-serifs. Feeling free-flowing? Try EDO. Looking for some heft? Chunk Five. A font that starred in a movie? Helvetica Neue Light.

graphic showing new fonts in PicMonkey


When you’re ready to put them to work, get hip to the best tips and tricks from our articles:

  • Linda Claire Groshans

    LOVE THEM…especially “Good Dog”

    • http://da sofia


    • Julia D

      Where is the font that was used in the opening screen “Luscious and Lovely”. THATS the one I want…….. bait and switch?? Entice us with something we cannot have?

  • http://jessieclemence.wordpress.com Jessie Clemence

    I love new fonts! Groovy!

  • http://jennsadventures.com Jenn’s Adventures

    STOKED on these new fonts. Is it possible to add pacifico? Is there an area we can upload our own fonts that we happen to have on our computer?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Pacifico is a good one! We do not currently have a way to add your fonts into PicMonkey. Great suggestions, though! The feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • http://mariefriddle.wordpress.com twistnpout

    I am a huge PicMonkey fan. I recommend it to everyone. I am curios if there is a way to curve a line of font. There are times i’d like to have a word or words in a circular design or arch. Is there anyway to do this? My research has revealed nothing so far. Thanks!

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hey twistnpout! There is not a way to curve text per say, but you can adjust the angle to better fit a curve. I would either break up your words in sections or by each individual letter and make new text boxes for each section/letter. Then using the top-center circle of the text box, click and drag to one side or the other. If you hit a snag at any point in this process, don’t hesitate to contact us at http://www.picmonkey.com/help/support/new to get further assistance.

      • http://mariefriddle.wordpress.com twistnpout

        Thank you for your help. This is how I usually do it – quite tedious. Think maybe there might be an easier way in the future? Well, just in case you run out of ideas in the think tank… :) Thanks again though.

  • Sissie

    I love the new fonts… Thank you !! I would love to see you add Fiolex Girls … I dearly love this font !! I think others would as well … Just thinking out loud…

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Sissie! Fiolex Girls is a super fun one! I will pass this request along. Thanks for your input.

  • dodiebird

    GREAT!!! When can I get PicMonkey on my tablet? Mary Jo

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hello Dodiebird! PicMonkey on tablets and mobile devices is in the works and coming soon!

  • http://m.youtube.com Masrur malik

    Good boy

  • Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things

    How delicious! Keep up the great work xo

  • http://nada-mala@hotmail.com huda

    I’m love program picmonkey

  • http://nada-mala@hotmail.com huda

    Good dog

  • VERO

    increibles !! FELICIDADES POR ESOS DOS AÑOS !!!!

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  • nickie webb

    I cant log in

  • Oculus Pictures

    Awesome! I just wish fonts like disco were there. Completely unrelated thought: someone needs to make pic monkey… but for videos!

  • http://www.BearCreekQuiltingCompany.com Bear Creek Quilting Company

    Your new fonts are awesome! Nice way to keep adding new things to a wonderful site! ~Shari

  • http://mauisealove.wordpress.com mauisealove

    These are great! Can’t wait for the PicMonkey App 😉

  • Sandi Wittenberg

    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a “sarcasm” font … I definitely need it … NOW!

  • LaUra

    Looks awesome can’t wait to try it out see some cool stuff

  • http://thesocialguys.com Dave Wilson

    Can’t WAIT for the pic monkey iPad app! We use pic monkey every day for work and life would be so much easier if I could have a mobile version ….

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hey Dave! PicMonkey on iPads is in the works!

  • Rashid.shah

    Nice fun

  • http://samuz@gmail.com samuz arran

    like it

  • http://about.me/ynannette Nannette and The Sweetheart

    Thank you, thank you and thank you some more for the new fonts!! From someone who uses PicMonkey several times a week for my blog, I can never have enough variety. Many times I have wanted to incorporate my own fonts because I tire of the same ones. Bring ’em on!!

  • Julia D

    What about the luscious and lovely font on the front page? Can you get it?

  • http://Ben'k Benz Ben’k karim


  • chiara


  • andy

    Love application…!

  • Andrea

    Holi (:

  • sossa


  • Shantel Collins

    Whew hew thank you for the new fonts keep them coming!!

  • http://xena-live.com/ Xena

    Are your fonts license free – to use on a webpage or merchandising goodie?

  • http://Gogol Sona

    I love edit pic in picmokey

  • Carolyn Krek

    When I had Picnik there was a font I loved..I think it was FF Market..any possibility of getting that one again in PicMonkey?

    Thanks..I love everything about your website! I use Photoshop Elements 9 but I still use PicMonkey for final touches..:)