10 New Fonts Will Bedazzle Your Images

To cap off our month of celebrating all things typography we are rolling out ten new fonts! These little babies are a sweet addition to our font repertoire. They run the gamut from vintage-y modern scripts to cool-as-a-cucumber san-serifs. Feeling free-flowing? Try EDO. Looking for some heft? Chunk Five. A font that starred in a movie? Helvetica Neue Light.

graphic showing new fonts in PicMonkey


When you’re ready to put them to work, get hip to the best tips and tricks from our articles:

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    […] 10 New Fonts Will Bedazzle You (PicMonkey blog) – I must admit this is a little light on the hard-hitting social media news front, but … show of hands: who loves PicMonkey? Every other health coach I talk with has either tried it or heard about it, and most who’ve tried it are raving fans. The loveable monkey is in the news this week because it rolled out 10 new fonts. PicMonkey fans, rejoice! Seriously, if you haven’t tried this free image-editing tool to create awesome images for Pinterest or Facebook, give it a go. I guarantee you’ll get hooked, and the images you share will shine (see tip #27 on why this matters). […]

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